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2016 Atlanta Braves thread of awesomeness

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that injury to winkler looked bad
Originally posted by jrg:
that injury to winkler looked bad

Fractured right elbow. Not good. He was just working his way back from TJ surgery too.
One of two winless teams in baseball. I really wish I could say I'm surprised but I saw this coming with all the moves they made in the offseason. I don't understand how the GM actually thought the team was gonna be better.
It's funny that the GM kept saying the team is gonna be better than last year.
As bad as I hate to say it, this series vs the Marlins is the only chance the Braves might actually win this whole month. That's what I thought when I looked at the whole month of April.
God, we suck
Originally posted by Byisgod:
God, we suck

That's being nice about it.
Mathematically eliminated in mid April. Impressive.
braves and warriors have the same number of L's

Don't be jealous guys.

WE WON!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by TheChozen:

WE WON!!!!!!!!!

Ermagerd 2 wins in a row
Originally posted by valrod33:
Ermagerd 2 wins in a row

And we won the series!
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