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Top 5 Favorite GS Warriors

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This guy:

One of my favorite Warrioir-stories ever was hearing Mullin talk about being in the weight room with the guys. Mulli was bench-pressing what ever he could bench, and said Sarunus walked into the gym with a lit cigarette, snatched the barbell from Mullin, and not only started doing CURLS with Mulli's max bench-press weight, but stood there and pushed the weight out from his chest to work his shoulders. (Let me make sure I'm clear on this- picture the act of a bench-press WHILE STANDING. Sarunas did that with Mullins max bench-press weight. . that's so far beyond ridiculous strength, that the entire team had its collective jaw dropped to the floor.
Probably my favorite Warrior at that time. Naturally strong attack the rim type driver.Manu Ginobli at his prime has some of that style but Sarunas just better, quicker, a great ball handler as he played point and dominated Europe if I read it correctly before coming to NBA. Just a hard nosed player.
Kobe Bryant
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Mike Dunleavy

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Kobe Bryant

I always wished Kobe was on the Warriors
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Mike Dunleavy

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Wilt Chamberlain will crush you all.

Sadly 90% of the Zone never heard of him.
Durant is already my favorite Warriors player of all time lol
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never heard of any of these dudes
chris porter
popeye jones
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