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WZ Showdown!!! Lakers vs Warriors

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This is so sad that it sounds like more Laker fans than Warrior fans in Oakland..


It's been that way for as long as I can remember. The Lakers have the best road support from their fans than any team in the NBA. I know you all call them bandwagoners, but it's still true.

Though that may be true, I still love the support our home fans give this Warrior team.. The team has played poor for years, excluding those two years where we went to the playoffs and didn't get it in despite a 50-win season.. Still our fans get excited and get really loud during games.. It's awesome to see and hear..
Here come the whack @$$ foul calls..
Gadz sucks sooooo much
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also, doesn't this belong in the official Lakers/Warriors thread which are already set up. funny if noobs would start a thread outside of the official game day thread already in place the threads would get locked in a heart beat.

1) There is no official game day thread. Technically, this is the game day thread.

2) Not sure how long you've been coming into Other Sports, but when 2 teams that are closely followed in here play each other, we do a WZ Showdown thread.

You are the noob here that doesn't know these things.
Fitz saying that there was contact on the Monta airball, he then says "The crowd wanted it", and all I can here is the crowd saying "Aiiirr baaaallll. Aiiirr baaallll!"
Can someone tell me why Udoh hasn't come in yet?
Kobe is simply refusing to shoot a 3. Also passing up a lot of easy shots, too. I wonder what's up with him.
Shannon Brown with the HUGE BLOCK!!!!

Lakers cocktease.. Well claw back and the warriors will hit a bunch of 3s for the win...
No foul call on Ellis' awesome buzzer beater? No surprise.

Nice bounce back game for Monta. 31 points after 3 qtrs!
Keep crying about the fouls, guys. You're getting a lot of friendly calls yourselves.
Space Cadet with the big DUNK!!!
lmao that dunk
Originally posted by teeohh:
lmao that dunk

Where you been?
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