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***49er Photoshop Thread*** (aka The Greatest Niner Thread Ever)

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Epic gif, dood.

You making one of the beatdown we are gonna give the Ravens or gonna wait for after the fact (to not jinx us or whatever (if you are superstituous)?
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Let us bow our heads in pray!!
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LUVIN' IT !!!!!
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Gotta be the top 3 gif on the Zone
Somebody's gotta do something with Aldon.

Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Somebody's gotta do something with Aldon.

Looks like a wonderful opportunity for a hovercraft photo (ala Back to the Future 2)
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^^Somebody should change the dude in yellow to a corndog....he almost is one anyway
Aldon looks like he was getting ready to "Falcon Punch" (pun intended) Matty Ice before he got his ass sacked (by Brooks?), :D.
just put samurai swords in his hands and its perfect

Originally posted by boast:

LOL that's awesome
Originally posted by BayArea:

Dixon has performed Kaepernick's biceps-kissing celebration known as "Kaepernicking," according to Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs. "He did it a couple of times in practice – him and" backup QB Tyrod Taylor, Suggs said. "So, they're having fun being him. It's a fun offense to run; it's not a very fun offense to play against."

Dixon "Kaepernicking" huh? Can someone work their magic?
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