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Anymore trades

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So who, if any, do we see traded during the off season, or before we cut down to our final roster?
I dont see any more trades happening, maybe the middle of the season type trade.
I'm kind of wishful thinking that we trade away guys like T. Taylor+Beathard+ any other guys like that who might have a little value to other teams, and allow us to lean down our roster a little, while adding some more picks in the 2021 draft, even if they are extra late round picks.

Taylor+James to me are pretty much not needed if Benjamin makes the final cut, or if Jennings balls out. Beathard isn't needed because Jimmy showed he can make it through a season healthy, plus we have Mullens ahead of him on the depth chart.
Don't see many players left that we would dangle as trade bait. Not at least until the end of pre-season. A few possible names:

WR Pettis, Taylor, James, Bourne although the latter two seem unlikely. James because we'll probably just release him, and Bourne because he was one of the few reliable players last year, even though he had some frustrating moments.

DL Thomas but this, too, seems very unlikely.

QB Beathard
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Pettis, Beathard and possibly Thomas.
The trades I wanna see are ones where we get players from teams that are rebuilding like the Patriots and steal a player like Stephon Gilmore or even Joey Bosa from the Chargers. I wouldn't mind trading our 1st next year for these type of players as these guys are all pros and fill needs on the team, granted I'm pretty sure both those teams would want way more than just one 1st round pick, but if that's all it took I would be down.
I think Pettis is the most likely to be traded and I think it won't happen
Taylor isnt going anywhere. When the defense was taking the offenses lunch money during training camp he was the only receiver mentioned as uncoverable and the highlight of the offense on a routine basis. He covers up JG's tendency to force things cause he can consistently win off the line/first 2 seconds better than anyone else on the roster. They need to trade away whatever doctor keeps operating on these guys and having complications.

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cj maybe.. see how the rookie qb does in pre season, there are lots of teams wanting back up guys esp in the covid 19 world
I can see trading for g or c depth.
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