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Post-Seattle Positives

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I hate watching this team lose. Intellectually, I am excited to be in the running for the #1 draft pick, but the pang of losing is not mollified by the balm of future capitol. Still, I am having a hard time dealing with the whining on this site. Having stamped my fan card back in the mid-80's, I have watched iconic iterations of this franchise as well as the farcical versions (Dennis Erickson comes to mind..). Through it all, I have learned that you have to focus on the little victories during the valleys or you will never enjoy the peaks. That said, here are the things that made me happy from yesterday:

1. Kyle Shanahan is the Play-Caller/Offensive Chess-Master we have been missing - An UDFA QB threw for 400 yards while handing the ball off to two UDFA RBs. Another UDFA started at WR next to a 5th round TE. After suffering through Tomsula's "basic" offense and Chip Kelly's "please-kill-my-QB" offense, this is a breath of fresh air. Once this offense is healthy, I feel good about punching with anyone in the league.

2. We are finding more pieces every game - Jeff Wilson went from a practice squad tryout to a guy who might push Mostert next year. Keeping four backs plus Juscxzyzxcyxz isn't out of the question. Ronald Blair also looks like a firm member of the rotation.

3. Pettis is coming on - This was the easy one. His numbers have been great the last few games and his ability to get open should be a great asset to Jimmy G. when he is healthy again.

What about you? What solace do you take in excruciating losses?
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We're 4 games closer to snagging Bosa. Only positive I seen.
What about you? What solace do you take in excruciating losses?

The #1 Draft slot (hopefully) or a top 3 slot. I do not see any other thing to take solace in. Once JG went down this season was over. Had he not gotten injured we would be in the playoff chase for the 5th or 6th seed even with a talent-deficient roster. Losing sucks and I will root for the 49ers to win every game, all the while knowing that (at this point) in winning any game it does not help the roster in any way other than the fleeting feeling of a pyrrhic victory. As long as we are able to bring in impact edge rushers and otherwise impact players then that is all I care about. We cannot afford to waste any more picks (notably Froster and ST). I still trust that the folks presently at the helm of the organization will right the ship and get us more Lombardi trophies. The #1 pick is a great consolation prize for a disaster of a season we are enduring.
only positive for me is that I didnt watch it in real time. 10 min youtube highlights were more than enough
At least they didnt get shut out.
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This the therapy thread?
Kyle seems to have an eye for QBs. He liked cousins, settled on Jimmy G and picked up Mullens out of nowhere. 4th start from practice squad and he hung 400 with a 3rd string RB and WRs. At the minimum mullen is flashing.

Kittle is legit. Juice is legit. The o line seems ok with kyles scheme. McNugget at LT will be here for several years.

Interior of the d line is decent. Warner is serviceable. Sherman has a few years left in him.

Not really that bad moving forward.

Lol they put up 16 points. Kyle is a turd.
This thread will probably be killed in favor of some ancient catch-all thread where its difficult to follow a discussion...but whatever.

I've been saying lately that Jimmy winning 5 straight for us last year set this team back a year on our rebuilt because it really inflated the expectations of when this team would be ready to compete. We should have been in contention for the top two picks last year and picked up that edge rusher or other big impact player. But Jimmy winning those games set us back in that regard.

This season evens things out a bit where we're worse than we should be (to make up for being better than we should have been last season). So everything is on track. We had no business winning those games last year.

Next year we should be a one and done playoff team which would be right on schedule for what we expected. We'll have a really good offseason not because Shanalynch are geniuses, it's because they'll take what they're given and do what any other good front office would do. We'll basically be making up for a "lost" off-season last year when Jimmy G's performance polished a two win turd into an instant play-off team.

Expect the perception of a huge leap next season. It won't be a huge leap because we aren't as bad a team as everyone thinks we are now just like we weren't as good a team as we thought we were in 2017. We'll be fine. Right on schedule.
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Originally posted by Dsoto87:
We're 4 games closer to snagging Bosa. Only positive I seen.

That's because you're not paying attention. There are a lot of things to like about the team right now. The offense line has been playing pretty darn well in the running game. First Breida, than Mostert, and now Wilson have all looked good running behind those guys. I'm still not sold on Tomlinson, he seems to have at least one drive killing penalty every game, but these guys have been pretty solid. They still struggle in pass protection against teams with good fronts but then a lot of teams do. I wish Garnett could stay healthy enough to compete. I would really like to see what he could bring to the running game. He has a bit of the nasty in him that I think could be an asset.

All of the injuries have resulted in a lot of young guys getting playing time which will help in their development and give the team a clearer indication of where they still need to improve. J. Taylor got in for a bit this last game and flashed a little. Marcell Harris had an up and down game but seems like a guy who isn't afraid to bring it. Have to confess I have sort of soured on Tartt (see what I did there), Ward apparently will never make it through a season without getting hurt and the jury is out on Colbert until next year. Clearly the team is still lacking playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, which is where you need them the most. Hopefully they will find some in the off season through both the draft and free agency. I am ready for them to cut ties with all of guys who have not stepped up this year like Armstead, Marsh and Mitchell. Make room for Taylor and Kent and see what they can do. I am also thinking that Saleh is not the answer there. You hate to start over in your third year with a new defensive philosophy but maybe they can find someone from that same tree who can get more out of the players than Saleh and his staff have been getting. I think that will be one of the most interesting things to watch in the off season.

Offensively I think the team can compete with just about anybody once they get all of their starters healthy. I imagine Garcon is in his last year and who the heck knows what's going on with Goodwin. Bourne is an okay back-up, though I had hoped he might show a little more this year. Pettis sort of reminds me of Gene Washington in the way he runs and of course the number 18. Wouldn't it be nice if he turned out to be even half the player Washington was. I think Trent Taylor really misses Garoppolo. Once Jimmy G gets back I wouldn't be surprised to see his numbers go up again. Kittle is a stud and Shanahan has shown, once again, that he can get pretty good production from almost any back he puts in there who is willing to do the work.

Football is a game of inches and moments. I thought the Seattle game was a great example of that. They were actually competing in that game but had five or six lapses that did them in and turned it into a rout. If they don't turn the ball over, if they play better special teams, which they are certainly capable of, then that game ends up being a lot closer than it was, though they probably still lose. I am guessing Reed is still in the doghouse for that fumbled kick return. I would like to see him get another chance. He really gets upfield in hurry.

This season was lost the minute that Jimmy G went down so how the team ends up record wise doesn't really concern me too much. At this point I think the losses will actually be more beneficial than any wins, especially if Bosa or one of the other edge rushers in this draft are in fact the real deal. As long as the team continues to compete I will be okay with whatever their final record is and will look forward to 2019, which has always been the year that I thought would tell the tale of how the organization is progressing. Go Niners!!
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Positives? POSITIVES!!!?

Originally posted by susweel:
only positive for me is that I didnt watch it in real time. 10 min youtube highlights were more than enough
Off topic, but damn I love the new NFL extended highlights. In an hour and a half I feel like I've watched every game.
Sepsis has set in and we are about to die.
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Lol they put up 16 points. Kyle is a turd.

Net 9 when you factor in the pick 6.
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