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Literally the Worst Case Scenario for this Team Happened this Season

I'm not the only one hoping Sherm can lure Earl Thomas here am I? I know he can still ball out. They have too many missed assignments on the backend of the defense and having a veteran presence back there would be a welcome addition. I think Colbert could use some time learning from one of the best in the league and that would put Tartt in the position it looks like he fits best as a cam chancellor role
We only have about 5 draft picks!
Originally posted by glorydayz:
We only have about 5 draft picks!

Dont worry we are tanking to trade out of the top draft spot
Originally posted by pete98146:
We need a major paradigm shift from management. For far to long we have opted to build through the draft. We need to be aggressive with free agency and nail a few drafts to rid ourselves of the boat anchor. Our current roster is a disaster. Lots and lots of work to do. But simply "drafting our way out" of this mess will take a long time.

Especially with only five picks to work with in the next draft.
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