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The reason for the Niners cellar dwellar days can be attributed to

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The reason for the Niners cellar dwellar days can be attributed to

Originally posted by 9erred:
Nope, every team deals with injuries, that is a constant.
Every team doesn't constantly deal with their FQB and RB1 going down for the season. This poll is a joke and was designed to make this thread another circle-jerk negative Nancy gangbang for fairweather fans.
1-The Yorks(known lovingly[pun here] as the Dorks! Are the team owners! (Eddie D would have blown up the people in charge and brought in real football people who are adept at their vocation in life)!

2-The curse of the Stick!

3-Santa Clara(see curse of the Stick)!

4-Lost a SB and Crapernick is the only QB in the history of the franchise to throw an INT in a SB! (Just my own personal gripe on this one!

5-Poor, actually horrible drafting over the last 5 years!

Everything other than the stadium curse. It takes many things to get this bad. Coaching changes, bad drafts, injuries.
Originally posted by BleedsRedNGold:
The reason is similar to what happens to most teams who lose their starting QB: Our backup QB isn't good enough.

And other key injuries. How many teams in the NFL could survive these losses: Franchise QB + first string RB + second string RB.

So what you guys are telling me that the other 31 teams wouldn't miss a beat if their QB1, RB1 and RB2 were hurt? This thread is a joke. I thought we all knew the season was lost when Jimmy went down. Hell, our playoff chances tanked once McKinnon went down.

You are assuming this thread is only about this season, if it was why would harbaugh be an option, it is about the Cellar Dwellar days or since we moved to Levis stadium. Listen to any HC or GM who is in a press conference, INJURIES can never be the excuse, because coaches and GM's are payed big bucks to have a deep team. Perhaps you missed it when the KC Chiefs had two qb's who could start. Or when the Eagles went to the play offs and won it all with a back up qb. Or when Tony Romo went down and Dak Prescott took over and never gave the job back. besides the curse the options are all FACTS of why the team has sucked the past 4 seasons.
You left out a trash roster due to being "aggressively prudent "lol
Jed York and his poor hiring choices.
Ownership. Starts at the top. And the top is manned by a balding, petulant retard.
Yorks. Ownership has been terrible for a while now.
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This should be interesting.

All lined up and ready to punch
The York family. The team has been putrid and directionless(outside of the Harbaugh years) since they've been running the show. The funny thing is they blame Harbaugh for everything when he was the lone bright spot of their ownership tenure. Bunch of clowns.
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Coach: Guys we can't keep turning the ball over like this!

Players: okay, coach, we will think of some new ways to turn it over!

Might as well turn the center around and have him long snap to the defense...
Where is the Jed York option?
Originally posted by Ensatsu:

There is the answer. And wow Jed used to have hair and was skinnier.
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