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Where: San Francisco

When : Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time: 1:05 PM PST
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Go 49ers!

- 98
Carolina comin in strong... Let's start the second half with a win!!


- 98
Sundays suck without Niner football...
Can't wait till game day..... go Niners

Edit: Excited to see if Aldon and Manningham are going to play.
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Come here kitty kitty :3
Hopefully Manningham and Wright are activated early tomorrow and practice with the rest of the team that is coming back. Aldon's exemption is up Wed so will have to cut someone then. Will be interesting to see if Aldon plays Sunday or not. Could make him inactive. I guess the NFL will wait to suspend him until after the legal stuff is done. I'm going to guess 1-2 games could even be at the start of next season.

I'd think Manningham would play, not sure about Wright. Still will be waiting on Moody and Crabtree. Crabtree I think will have to be activated soon but then we will probably have him inactive on game days until he is fully ready. Will be interesting to see if Asomugha or Williams get cut. Both very well could stay. We will find out if Patton to IR, Dobbs or TJE get cut and if we keep 3 QB's. Next few weeks will be interesting on and off the field.
overrated team

34-13 niners
Niners 31
Panthers 13
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Go Niners, "Skin the Cats"
Aaawe back to a normal wk! The bye is gone. Bring on the panthers, we will be ready. Panthers have a good team. Im excited to see aldon and mario back in the game come sunday. Crabs we'll have to wait longer to see. Curious to see if we start using james in the return game as well!
Hell yeah niner footballs back,
Bring on the panthers

No way we lose to the Panthers at home coming off a bye

(according to their fans)
Bring It!!! Caroline Panties!!
Panthers should be a decent test coming off the bye week. Can't wait to see it live!
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
Panthers should be a decent test coming off the bye week. Can't wait to see it live!

Hope you enjoy every second of it! Our team seams to come out focused as hell off bye wks! This is a good thing cause we need to continue where we left off and get that W
Have a blast at the game :D
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