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Please rest Vernon Davis!

Despite the long TD, he did not look 100%, even on it he seemed to favor the hammy. Everyone knows he's a gamer and, because of our shallow WR pool, he wants to be out there to help the team win, but I think we'd be ok without him the next 3 weeks and then we have a bye. That would assuredly give his hammy time to heal and afetr the bye, we have him back to 100% with the rest of the fellas. If he keeps playing, it could linger the whole season or make it worse.
Agree. The October schedule is pretty easy. Let him rest a bit... maybe not three weeks, but some time for sure.
well we can't rest him this week. regardless of what you think about the cardinals they are dangerous and have a good defense. we can't take any games for granted. if he is healthy enough to play then he plays. VD at 75% is better than celek at 100%
I just hit Jed on the sat phone and told him to fire up with PJ and send Vernon to Germany for the Kobe system treatment. #stemcellsforthewin
just sit him out till the playoffs....
Yah right he's probably getting hosed at Motif
We can't. He's needed. Just look at the Colts game.
Why we don't utilize McDonald more is beyond me...
we can't rest him....outside of him and Boldin nobody gets any targets
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I don't think the Niners can afford to sit VD if he can play. Without him, who would draw some of the opposing defense's attention away from Boldin? In the NFL, even the bad defenses can totally shut down a good WR if he is a team's only receiving threat.

Just make it until the bye week
So you want Boldin to have every pass?
hes a grown man and the niners have trainers who can tell when he can and cant play. if Vernons green lighted, he should play. take him out of the game and we get the offense we saw against the colts again and i dont want that
Hell NO. We have no offensive weapons then. Even though Tennessee is without Locker, they are still a good team. Jacksonville sucks, but can put up points. We all saw what happened when Indy came in, most thought INDY would get beat easily. VD needs to play. If he is healthy, he plays, he and Boldin are our best receiving weapons.
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