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If the 49ers can get through this 5-week gauntlet...

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I always had this funny itch in the back of my mind when I saw our schedule first come out. I simply thought "Ouch." Opener against GB after we dismantled them 2 times in a row. Surely they would be looking for revenge. Then go to Seattle against a team who feels they are ready to take the NFC West title. If there is one team who wants to assert their dominance over us, and prove they are ready, it is them. Then come back home to have Andrew Luck (a rising star) and the Colts come into town. Going to St. Louis, as we know, is not a cake walk and then home for an elite Texans squad. I thought maybe 3-2 at worst 2-3. But maybe, just maybe if we beat all of those teams, we can go un-defeated. I know its crazy, but the Kerry Collins led Tennessee Titans started 11-0 just a couple of seasons ago and they did not have nearly the amount of talent that the 49ers have.

After those first 5 games, the only teams I see as a threat are of course Seattle again, NO, and the Falcons. The Redskins might give us some fits with RG3, but I think we win that easily in the end. Fortunately we have the Falcons at home and this squad knows they can beat them. NO will absolutely be looking for revenge. That is the only true loss I see us getting. Sean Peyton has a major chip on his shoulder about the Niners. I do not think the Seahawks will be that good this year. I know it was week 1, but they looked like garbage against Carolina and as long as we play like we did against GB (maybe the run-game a little better). we should beat them both times.

Get through Qwest and beat the rest! trademark
Kerry Collins ftw.
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Regular season records don't mean much in the NFL, especially in the playoffs.
Like the OP, since the schedule came out I've been saying that I'll be happy with the 3-2, and not too upset with 2-3.

Saying we might go undefeated is getting WAY, WAY, WAY ahead of ourselves, though. It's like Seahawks fans who have been talking about winning the Super Bowl this year since seconds after the lost to the Falcons.

4-1 in these first five would make me ecstatic. 1-4 would make me concerned. Anything in between and I think we're still okay. (as for the actual prediction, I still say 3-2, with losses to the Hawks and either the Rams or Texans.
If we play like we did today, any team can beat us. There will be no 13+ Vegas line locks in the schedule.

You should retitle this thread to "If the Niners can get through this 16 week gauntlet..."
Lets not get ahead of of ourselves, Seattle whooped our asses last year. We need to go in as juggernauts.
One Game at a time. I also felt they can go undefeated but not likely gonna happen. Who cares, all I care about now is that the 49ers stay healthy, win the games theyre supposed to win and handle business in January & February. Just like Randy Cross said " I'd take my 1984 49ers 18-1 over the 2007 Patriots 18-1"
W-W-L, can't have any of that s**t this year, specially since it happened in the playoffs.
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Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
W-W-L, can't have any of that s**t this year, specially since it it happened in the playoffs.

well, lets keep the pattern one more week
Gonna be really tough in Seattle. Communication is going to be a big issue to overcome. The 49ers will need to get up early and hold on. After yesterdays games, not so worried about Luck, and the Lambs. We will see about the Texas.


Good start.
One game at a time my friend.
Kap needs to be more aware of the play clock. Roman needs to get the plays in quicker. Harbaugh needs to manage his timeouts. These are leftover problems from last year that should have been corrected
All I know is so far so good. The only thing I was looking for in this game was Kaep picking up where he left off. Which he obviously did. I can't wait for next week now. We looked a whole lot better than the Seahawks did against the Panthers. Their defense is nowhere near the caliber it was hyped up to be (i know they have many injuries but oh well) and Wilson did not look nearly as lethal as last year. I know it is week 1 and that can all change on any given snap, but I am really confident in our ability to go into Seattle next week and take them down a peg or 2. I like the intensity I see from our team and can't wait for the next game. Just have to make it through this horrid 5 game start.
Don't care about going undefeated, just want to go 3-2 through that stretch. Think we can go 3-0 after that and be at 6-2 at the halfway point.

But would love to go 4-1 or 5-0 :))))
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