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Nnamdi is an Actor

Has anyone seen the movie "Fire with Fire". Stars Bruce Willis and Josh Duhamel. Nnamdi Asomugha plays a part in the movie.
no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Couldnt believe it when i saw it either. had to IMDB to be sure and sure enough he is listed in the credits.

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yep i saw it over winter break, and the movie sucked
I can't believe I say through that movie. It was just as horrible as Nnamdi's acting skills.
Man, this just shows the season really needs to get here already.
Poor grant cohn's sisters
he has also been in an episode of leverage
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"the nominees for best actor are"...

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"the nominees for best actor are"...

" f**k it!"
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Lol idk I thought Nnamdi did a really good job. That was funny.
Because your a beast hahahaha
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Nnamdi Asomugha also played a small part in Friday Night Lights TV series.
I like how Philly got Nnaamdi'd for two years!!!
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