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Can/Will Patrick Willis make it into the 40/20 club?

He has a great shot. Either way, he's much better than Urlacher.
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Having seen all of the above mentioned players, I feel completely comfortable saying Willis is a better player than any of them.


With the exception of Ray Lewis. He needs a few more seasons of dominance. A defensive player of the year award would help as well (Lewis has two).
I just realized that since Willis is likely half-way through his career. 28 now, will be 34 in 6 years. What a depressing thought.
just sell him a buncha weed

If he's put in that position he can make more interceptions, it all depends on the scheme. I thought he became a better pass rusher last season. He's so quick, when he gets through untouched not many quarterbacks or ball carriers get away.
At this pace he will have 35 sacks and 14 picks after 12 seasons.....not far off, but may need a spike in picks one year (4-5) to get there. Its a 50/50 chance and will come down to how long he plays and how healthy the beast can remain.
Willis is better than all of them, so who gives a s**t.
Meh, 50/30 for Willis
Doubt it. We don't use Willis in the blitz as much as those others were used.
nope. He has no chance....

Originally posted by 80849er4life:
Not the club I want to see him in......I wanna see him in the Superbowl Winners club....
Originally posted by PopeyeJonesing:
40/20 isn't a club.

I don't think he does it, and I don't much care.

Same here, no1curr.

"Only" 4 players having done it is 4 players too many for me to care if Willis does it. Now, if 0 players had done it, it would be a little different story.
its not really his type of game
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