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Can/Will Patrick Willis make it into the 40/20 club?

Today during the Urlacher retirement announcement, ESPN flashed a stat that peaked my attention; only four players in the HISTORY of the NFL have recorded 40 sacks and 20 interceptions.That group of players consist of; Ray Lewis, Wilber Marshall, Seth Joyner, and of course Urlacher. As of right now Willis has 17.5 sacks and seven ints through six seasons. Do you think he will get into the club yes/no, why/why not?
he def has a shot
Doubt it...he's not a INT machine
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Doubt it...he's not a INT machine

Ya, that would be my concern. But some INTs are more luck than anything.

If Bowman continues to play at his all-Pro level, he actually has a better chance.
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Doubt it...he's not a INT machine

True, but then he goes and makes that highlight worthy diving pick in our blowout loss to Seattle in December.
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I doubt it. They don't blitz Willis much at all now with Bowman around. I can see him getting 20 INT's though since he drops into coverage against TE's a lot more now though.
40/20 isn't a club.

I don't think he does it, and I don't much care.
The way we are playing Willis now would make it tough to do. Hard to rack up sacks when you're in coverage and we don't send him much at all. As for INT's pretty hard for a LB to get an INT in coverage. Easier to do when you're patrolling the middle of the field. Tipped balls, bad throws, you can read and bait the QB... in coverage it's hard to get int's when your back is to the QB when your a CB much less a LB. If we let him play the middle and blitzed him like we did his first 4 years in the league he could probably do it.
If he can play 8-10 more seasons he only needs 2-3 sacks a season. Its the ints Im concerned about.
At his current Just not his role. No shame in that.

Having seen all of the above mentioned players, I feel completely comfortable saying Willis is a better player than any of them.
I'd say no, I dont see him getting any better than he used to be and he hasnt even hit the half way mark.
Since he is the consumate team guy and a true professional, I'd be willing to bet that the only real number he cares about is 6. Just like us.
Willis has his own club, those LBs wish they could join Willis club
Not the club I want to see him in......I wanna see him in the Superbowl Winners club....
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