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Welcome Raven Fans: A gentleman/woman's thread...

Welcome to the Zone and may all your thoughts, optimisms/pessimism be greeted with courtesy in this thread! And, we'll appreciate the same the from you.

Every team has its black sheep fan base: just wanting to smack talk and get into people's faces and under their skin. This is not the place for those fans or those actions.

I'm a diehard Niner fan, but I actually enjoy hearing other die hard fan's perspectives heading into a game. It increases my enjoyment as a fan hearing what players/aspects of my team the opponent fans fear/don't fear. And, it's fun to share my opinions as well.
Welcome to the WZ. Lets all play nice, now.
Hey, I like the Ravens. You'll get no beef from me. This is like a pro wrestling main event when two good guys are going at it.

It just happens that I'm sworn to live and die by my particular good guy. So yeah lol.

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So here are some question I have...

1.) Since you watched the SF/ATL game first, who were you rooting for? Would it have been different knowing you lost your game first?

It was pretty simple for me. If the Niner's Lost, I wanted the Raven's to win. Since we won, I was actually hoping NE won because I feel we already beat them and match up pretty well... but the reality was Baltimore also matched up well with NE, and that's why they won.

2.) Which player do you think is over/underrated on SF and Baltimore?

Balitmore is a good time without Ray Lewis as a strictly player, but I see his influence as a motivator more than anything else at this point in his career. Flacco is underrated for sure. Brady and Manning LOST to Flacco, kind of a slap in the face. we'd get that same BS when Alex Smith would out play "Elite" QBs.

3.) Do Baltimore fans love The Wire like the rest of the country does?

The Wire is the BEST piece of fiction ever written/performed! and Omar Little is the best Character ever written.
Hey, you have to this game, it's hard for us to hate your coach!
great thread
Originally posted by Crow-Magnon:
Hey, you have to this game, it's hard for us to hate your coach!

great handle!
I love John Harbaugh too, so good luck Ravens
Originally posted by vrabbit:
great thread

...if there were any Ravens fans in here.
Hey - sweet! I'm a Ravens fan. When I was a young buck I was a *huge* Montana fan, followed him to Kansas City but still kind of pulled for Steve Young too. Actually started a thread on the Ravens board a few months ago on how I'd take Steve Young over any active QB, I really meant it. Montana is the GOAT and there is no room for discussion.

Anyway ...

1) Rooted for SF. I just like defensive football teams. Knowing the Ravens were going to win wouldn't affect my choice there.
2) Bryant McKinnie. Flacco looks so much better with a real left tackle. Oher isn't bad at right tackle, but he needs to be kept far, far away from the "blind side."
3) Seen a little of it but don't watch much TV, except football.
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I have a lot of respect for the Ravens, more so than any other NFL team not named 49ers.
Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by vrabbit:
great thread

...if there were any Ravens fans in here.

... Maybe they think it's a trap

Time to pass the 52 to the next
Originally posted by Jakemall:
Time to pass the 52 to the next

Can we wait til next year
i actually dont dislike the ravens, maybe its cause a harb is running that team and they get along so much with the niner players, glad it wasn't the friggin pats, hate that team with a passion.
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