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49ers X-Factor Saturday?

Originally posted by d49izme:
Some may laugh but I think AJ Jenkins is the X-Factor in this game

Crabs has been rollin lately so I think GB will look to take him away 1st, then VD and Moss. I believe our coaches have been sneaky with the guy. I see him making 2 or 3 big plays in the game.

I mentioned this to some guys at work today who have no idea who he is...I expect them to know when I come back monday morning

I would love it if this were so
Our O-line is going to have a dominant performance against their D-line.
Play calling
AJ Jenkins
I'd be happy if Jenkins made his first catch.
Kaep and LMJ.
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also think NaVarro is gonna have to make some big plays
I think if Ted Ginn can get some room on a return, he could make a huge impact for us. He hasn't really done much all year, but this could be the game he comes through in a big way.

Imagine how big a special teams TD would be in this game...
Joe Staley needs to report as an eligible receiver ever snap and when they least expect it, down by 4 and it's 4th and goal at the 17, a post route by Staley! TD!!
I have 3 players: Moss,VD, and Aldon.

Vernon Davis re-emerges and torches the packer defence for 120 yards and 2 tds!!!!!
X Factor? Greg Roman. If he calls a conventional power game and actually involves our best player on offense we win. Frank Gore is the real X factor but if Roman doesn't call plays to suit him it doesn't really matter. Out with the chicken s**t pistol formation please. No need to hide behind that gimmicky formation when we can just run right over them. Kaep had better have his qb center exchange down by now.
Ahmad Brooks
I rewatched the Niners/Packers again last night.

Some things really stood out to me:
  • Hunter is SO explosive and unstoppable; he and Gore together are unstoppable
  • Manningham is incredibly quick out of his breaks and was an unsung hero for us
  • Alex absolutely destroyed their defense with Crabtree, VD, Moss (in the RZ) and at the LOS esp. re: the running game
  • ST's made a difference for both teams (63 yard FG) and Cobb's Lambeau-given TD
  • We spread them out with 3 and 4 WR's AND we were releasing VD and Gore/Hunter in the passing game. As a result Staley got beaten pretty good but held up enough. We dominated them with the exact same game plan as we had against the Bears.
  • On defense, we got that TO and it was the difference in the game (stopped momentum and it lead to an instant TD). Bowman is better in coverage than Willis who was on the sidelines b/c of this reason and b/c of the extra DB's went needed out there. Culliver was a stud on deep balls. We need this again.

That said, if we spread them out with 3 and 4 WR's again and can continue to flare out VD and Gore (and CK7 find them like in the Bears game) we can sustain drives and run up the score AND control the TOP.

So the player x-factors in this game is the OL's pass protection and CK7 at the LOS and James running outside balancing out Gore inside. But it all starts with the game plan (HaRoman).
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Originally posted by Young2Rice:
LMJ returning kickoffs

This. And RJF, because i think he is going to see plenty of snaps regardless of how Justin Smith feels.
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