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Who is your favorite 49ers player that does not start?

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I look at this way, these are our starters.

QB- Kaep
RB- Gore
FB- Miller
WR- Crabs, Mario and Moss
TE- Vernon
OL- Staley, Iupati, Goodwin, Boone, A.Davis

DL- Smith, McDonald, Sopoaga
LB- Aldon, Brooks, Willis, Bowman
CB- Rogers, Brown, Cully
S- Dashon, Whitner

ST- Lee, Akers and Jennings

So by that verdict it is James, Kilgore and Cox
Originally posted by verb1der:
easy, Alex Smith.

Culliver, Hunter and here come the jeers....Kyle Williams. Bad NFC Champ game aside, he makes some clutch catches. Good with the ball in his hands and runs well after catch. Good kick returner. I think he could be really good in the slot IF he could stay healthy.
Cully is raw! He makes plays every Game it feels like
Kendall Hunter is da man!
Alex Smith
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1) Culliver
2) Hunter
3) Larry Grant
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Hunter, Culliver, Kyle WIlliams, in that order. I think Hunter is gonna be a great player for us for a long time.

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Delanie Walker, Randy Moss, Chris Culliver
Surprised by all the Grant talk - he's really not that good. He's one of the better ILB backups, but that's about it.

I guess one half decent game, and a ton of Gruden love, does it for a lot of ppl .
I like Kyle Williams and Hunter a lot. Culliver is basically a starter but obviously everyone loves the dude.
Originally posted by susweel:
Kunter and Culliver

Yup. Last year, it was Aldon and Boone, so I guess KHunt and Cully will be starters next year.
Kendall Hunter! Hopefully his achilles heals fully and ready to go by next season.

But after last weeks debut, lamichael james looked like he improved a lot since preseason and im very excited to see him play more.
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