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Brandon Jacobs caravan

A group of 25 to 30 high end cars were racing down NJ Parkway, heading to Atlantic City. Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, with license plates covered with tape, and escorted by 2 state police cars with their lights flashing. Brandon Jacobs was part part of this caravan, according to a source with knowledge of the trip. His agent just claimed Brandon was part of a group that went to Atlantic City March 30th, and on that day. Brandon, who is known for his collection of fancy cars did tell Rides Magazine that he often cruises with the Driving Force Club, a NY City based elite car club for car fanatics that have a spice of racing and adrenalin rush in their hearts. Two videos were posted to Youtube which showed a caravan returning from Atlantic City on March 31st, and captions on the videos said the caravan included Jacobs. The videos have since been removed.

Lovely, hope he still has the adrenalin and rush of speed in his heart during the season.
Rich a**holes doing rich a**hole s**t.

And we're surprised because.....?
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Happens all the time all over country. only thing wrong was the apparently non-sanctioned police escort. My friends are in a car club like this(most of them have BMWs, Porsches, Ferraris, etc) that go on canyon runs here in Utah, usually they drive fairly responsibly but every once in awhile they let loose and and really push their cars.
Story was written for nothing more then to stir a pot. I hate stories like that.
hey brandon lets have a cannonball run

eh if hes implicated hes way too easy to cut. one year deal him and Moss.
well thats not good
at least he isnt a rapist
Originally posted by ruthless49er:
eh if hes implicated hes way too easy to cut. one year deal him and Moss.

Implicated in what? He hasn't done anything wrong. Just cause he was part of the entourage doesn't mean he has broken any laws. It is the cops that are going to get in s**t for this.

Not a single fvck given.
Throw him in jail.
Who cares,the cops hooked em up,so folks get special treatment all the time.nobody got injured,no big deal.
sounds fun
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