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Losing Morgan Hurts us, but how bad?

I like Morgan but dude is not a difference maker..we will be fine and he'll be unfortunate to miss out on a ring next yr. Good for him, he got paid.
He will be the Catalina Wine Mixer.
We will be ok ....we made it to the NFC championship game when we were thin at WR

Next year I dont see our offense sputtering , and Akers will not kick as many FG's
i don't think it hurts at all
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he means nothing to me and is easily replaceable. his loss(aside from his 7 million)
I think the loss of Snyder to the Cardinals hurts us. Losing Morgan not really as he missed most of the season. Snyder gave us versatility and was a decent blocker, but now he is with the Cards. He will give the cards an insight to the niners tendoncies and what not. Even if you change the verbage and other things, there will still be some things that are repeated.
The team did alright without him. I liked his blocking ability but was never really wowed by him as a receiver.
I just think our HC, the former HC of Stanford has a better handle on collegiate WRs than any other coach in nfl at present, and certainly on the W coast, WAC, etc. But rest assured he is very aware of the literally dozens of WRs coming out , most of which I have never heard of. He also probably has a chit sheet with stats he is interested in on many of these guys and I will not be suprised to see us draft maybe 3 WRs, or 2 ,a nd then invite as many as 2 dozen UDFAs into camp to play catch with him, and let him see what they have. The guy has an interesting way of evaluating qbs(alex), WRs(moss) and who knows how many others. My guess is we have a better WR corps by midseason than we ever did last yr, including morgan. I sure wish ginn would get his azz back here and fight for going up the chain #5 WR to say #3, which means his receivng skills have to improve. But as PR? Hell, he's best i've seen in yrs.
Honestly i think what really made morgan leaving hurt was the fact for the most part we thought he was coming back. They'll be fine made it too the nfc championship without him. He obviously was looking to get paid becasue he went to one of the worst franchises in football.
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