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49ers 1st offensive play vs cardinals

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Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
Originally posted by mayo49:
Man, I don't know how players can memorize a playbook. All that terminology and all those plays.

If millions of dollars are given to you, you would do all you can to memorize them too

Yeah, but it would take me a couple of years to memorize one, and I'm smart.
Delaine walker shifts on o-line. The whole cardinals d-line called for encroachment.
Play action. Bomb to Crabs.
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I wouldnt mind seeing Soap throw it deep... that would be pretty awesome
pass to VD over the middle
Fake to Gore off right tackle, fake to Ginn on a reverse R to L, Crabtree & VD clear out right side with short and med posts R to Left - Alex hits Gore on a fly pattern down the right sideline. Gore drops the pass because he has brick hands and 55K ppl say Ahhhhh at the same time.
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That play will be forever known as the "Kiss My A$$" play.
Play action pass to Vernon Davis on a 80yd bomb for a touchdown.....But it's going to be frank gore on a sweep
Gore for a 80 yard td to the left
Checkdown to Gore for a TD

A gap read to GORE! If anybody is interested I would like to feature a 49ers writer once a week on all props go to the writer and will be seen by a huge network! visit the site and send me an email with your thoughts! thanks..."whos got it better than us!"
triple reverse bomb it to Randy!
That's like guessing what Jim Harbaugh is going to have for breakfast that day.
Slant to crabs
Gore Power-O.
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