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Akers appreciation thread

11/16 so far this season
last year on the team for him, methinks.
I appreciate Akers missing FG's he should make.
Now I know why the eagles dumped him.
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Lol maybe since we have such an ungodly amount of draft picks we will make sure we get a high quality rookie and draft a new kicker.
I just don't know why he is missing these field goals. He's already has like six i believe.

I think last year he played very motivated and this year he is just not there.

and this is what disappoints me:

Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows He was not in the locker room when it was opened to reporters. @mw145: no quote from Akers?

something must not be right at home. Just recalling his down fall from the Eagles it was his home life that was interfering with his on field results. I hope the dudes got things sorted at home.
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EAD Akers
I want to support the guy but he is making it very hard.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Akers f**kin blows this year

Akers needs more prayer. He is a religious guy, so as 49er fans we should pray for him and encourage him to do so also. We know he can get it done, he just has to rest up mentally, relax, meditate, and execute. He needs encouragement and maybe we could have had a couple qb runs at the end there. One play Kaep knida broke off his run to find a receiver when I thought he could have pulled it down and gotten the 1st or an easier kick. But excuses aside, Akers should have made the chippy. Oh well, lets get this next game. Bears on a shortened week traveling out west to the Stick. Let whomever is under center put us in position for Akers to win
Originally posted by MILFS:
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Akers f**kin blows this year

He did get us that 63yd fg
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Originally posted by Janitor:
11/16 so far this season

He is too inconsistent
Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch Working on blog on #49ers David Akers. Shocking stat: He ranks 30th in NFL in FG percentage (71.4).
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