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Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
We sold our Home field advantage to the f*cking cowgirls ...this crap NEVER would have happened back in the day, when we had dedicated fans at the Stick with Stubhub in the mix and season ticket holders easily giving them up, we are not assured home field advantage there were a lot of dead ass 49er fans sitting down and covering their damn ears because the cowboy fans were too loud for them

Yup! Cowboys come to SF once every 6 years, so they are a lot more motivated to go to this game than locals. Tickets in my section were selling for $180 per ticket on Stubhub. When you pay $75 bucks and can more than double your money per ticket, it is very enticing (not to me) to sell in this bad economy. For me, Dallas is a game you can't miss, but others may see it as a source of profit.
Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
Originally posted by 49erJim:

Very pissed and mad 49er fans. (way to tick off you already ticked off low fan base and getting lower before they even get into the parking lot!)
Then at the tailgate everyone got there late due to the open gate late policy, I hope no one got into a car accident or got hurt! The cowboy fans were already in full force and running a monk in and out of the tailgates and parking lot. (i had a feeling this would end up a bad day for us) Then cops were everywhere and securty jacking people around, you can tell this strong arm has already put a huge damper on the tailgates as well as the crowds.

One reason I think a lot of season ticket holders are selling their seats to the other teams fan base and another reason is they are making more money on the tickets because the SF Bay area fans will not pay for them like they use to. (trust me on that) Then we get into the park and the Dallas fans were louder then the 49er fans were.

But then after the game it was worse as I knew it would be, trying to get from my seats to my car was even worse then watching the 49ers lose the way they lost the game. Tons of Cowboy fans ( a lot of fat ones dressed up in that horrible blue and white jersyes with stars all over them) we were all bunched together like cattle trying to squeez by each other and get the hell out of that stinkie place for 20 min all along hearing the chants and cowboy yells like proud cows hoopin it up in all of us 49er fans face! All of us 49er fans were as quiet as a mouse, just trying to get to our cars, while haveing to listen to these people was enough to make me go postal. I did not see any fights at all and or anything that would warant the police to come. So that was a good thing.

When I made it back to our tailgate and cars, a cop cars comes by us and tells us to pack up and leave! Were like where the hell are we going to go? its another case of bumper to bumper cars in the parking lot trying to leave and get the hell out of this dump. But there is no where to go, so we all looked at the young skinny cop whos head was way to small for his hat and said ok, he left and never came back, then after waiting an 1/2 hour of so, we got the heck out of there.

Over all a crappie day, I think the cracked down on the tailgating has put another nail in the coffin and 49er fans are getting tired of this crap, so thats why a lot of season ticket holders are selling out, They are saying NOW we can't even tailgate? Can't get in to tailgate and can't get out and yet were being hassled by the SFPD to get out and no aftergame tailgating?? Who needs this on a great San Francisco Sunday? People have to hide to try and cook some food or to stay and wait for the parking lot to empty?

Yesterday was a long day. I am glad its over and the 49ers are on the road for two weeks. Need time to renew my batterys for that GREAT GAME DAY EXPERIENCE i just paid over $5k in tickets for. Sorry for the long game day rant, but yesterday really takes the cake in my eyes. I could go on and on, but will lets others post away.

Well Jim, this is ONE reason why I sold my rights, not to mention the fact I basically moved to another part of the world, and it wasn't easy coz I sat in those seats for over 28+ years, the good ol days are over. I knew, and have been thinking from the Home Opener seeing all the empty seats that the new tail-gating and late lot entry was going to crush the life out of the older time tix holders, it just aint worth going if the whole experience is going to be "hurry up" and go, with "tough guy" cops who watch too much TV acting out their parts. No doubt there are some of those chip on the shoulder super fat woman cops too, who are THE absolute biggest offenders at pushing their authority around.

Like you said and I know; where the hell are you supposed to go at the end of the game if you start your car right away? Nowhere coz it's bricked for at least 30-40 minutes, and after that time, you can just drive right out without incedent. I'll tell ya, if I was still in the Cruz and paying the price for my section 33, row 11, seat 6-7 at the higer prices and this BS that is going on was happening ruining what is at least 30% of the Game Day experiance where I see mu old frineds from 30 years of going to the games, then I would probably sell out.

And you darn well know; this new corporate stadium in SC is not going to be geared for the hard core base of Niner fans, it's going to be for more wealthy "Event Goers", it will be near impossible to afford PSL and new seat costs, and who's to say what kind of hassles are going to be happening in the lots then. Oh now you have to go to the amusement park, screw that.

The new stadium should be in SF, Hunter's Point, beautiful place, and it's cleaning up and anyone who says whaw whaw is full of crap. All the parking you need, non corporate surroundings..

Just two words; It's Over. The good times, the hassle free times, the Stick - our stadium full of Niner fans to at least 95%, great times in the lot with friends you have made over decades who for sure won't go to live games anymore coz it's not worth the hassle..

I'm happy to wake up at 4am in the dark now and watch via streams now, but if JH doesn't open it up, if the Niners can't get it done after looking like turds for over 7 years, I may sleep in, F*k it. I've had all the good years live and in person including going to Superbowls and this that has been going on for 7+ years and depressing to say the least..

I feel you Jim... sad thing, there aint no answer to this BS because of modern politics and financial conditions..

Oh yeah --- GO NINERS!!

awesome post, better then my rant for sure.
Originally posted by kelson49er:
Shame to the author of this post for hilarious misuse of apostrophes/possessives.

hey jack ass, come to the next tailgate and we can discuss this in person.
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
Originally posted by stevetaebo:
If I knew I could make 2x-3x as much for these tickets combined with our poor product on the field, I'm doing the exact same thing.

If I'm a season ticket holder, selling these would help pay for the other 7 weeks.

But if this was the playoffs or week 17 where a division title was on the line. I'd give the finger to Cowboy fan and tell them to suck it.

This. You can curse me all you want, but I was unable to attend the game and could not find anyone on here to buy my tickets. So, I sold them on ebay, made a good profit, and may have sold them to a Cowgirls' fan. Gotta try to recoup my losses somehow.

BTW I have no problem with seller your tickets for a profit. I have done this for many many years and the Dallas game is always a huge game to make some $$. My point was this time it was different, and not the same as other years and games at home vs the cowboys.

This time it was horrible, I think that all the crap from the Raiders preseason game and the 49ers/Jed York crackdown on Tailgate before and after get togethers and a host of other reasons, Higher Ticket prices aimed at Long Time Season Ticket Holders in the best seats and higher food and parking and drink costs, may have pushed a lot of season ticket holders over the edge.

A new mind set and a new I DONT REALLY CARE mode is now in place. Get ready for more of what everyone saw on Sunday vs Dallas 49ers fans. Sorry but thats how I see it. The tailgate new rules are a very bad thing for the loyal good faithful 49ers fans. Thats what I picked up from Sundays Great game vs the Dallas Cowboys.
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Originally posted by Blitz:
After yesterday, wish the 9ers would leave that town. f**king embarrassed to be a 9er fan today, first time in my life I have been embarrased to be a 9er fan, first time in three generation's of my family for that matter.


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