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Will Nate re-negotiate?

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Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by fly15:
he needs to go....

I still remember the Atlanta game

Yah he gets beat deep at least once a game. Dude plays overly aggressive and gets beat on double moves. He thinks he can gamble and recover but he dont have the speed to get back.

Very undisciplined player.

I agree with you there. In a perfect world we would have a shut down corner opposite him and be able to roll the coverage his way. The same way we did with Eric Davis when Sanders played for us. While he is overly aggressive, Nate can make plays.

As far as his contract is concerned, I am not really that worried. If some one can show me that it effects our ability to obtain other FAs then I am on board. The fact is we are not paying for a franchise QB so we have some cap room (I am stating this with no idea how the new CBA will effect this). Nate is still a decent CB and since we got no upgrade in the draft, I prefer he remain a Niner.
You guys are funny with how fast you give up on players. Nate had a bad year, but you talk like he has always been bad. Many people had bad years for us. They Atlanta game sucked but it wouldn't have changed anything. Nate messed up. So did Alex in the New Orleans game, along with D. Walker's fumble in the N.O. game, Crabtree's batted passes for Ints and many others. A better coaching staff and aggressive play calling will help Nate to not have to cover so long or try and make so many plays on the ball.
Nate needs to renegotiate, the 9ers will go after a top DB in FA anyways.
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