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Who was our best Free Agent signing of the decade (2000-2010)

Who was our best Free Agent signing of the decade (2000-2010)

Pretty straight forward poll.
I've listed each players stats during their tenure with the 49ers including games played and started etc. Also listed how long they played for us.

*Apologies to the OLinemen and Moran Norris, as I don't have any stats to show their effectiveness in blocking.
*Derek Smith also had 3 FF and 26 pass defended
*Joe Nedney has an 86.6% FGavg and is 7/13 for FG of 50+yds, 31/37 for 40-49yds
*Aubrayo Franklin also has 1 INT and 6 passes defended
*Allen Rossum also had 1 rushing TD in addition to his 1 kick return TD
*Justin Smith also has 1 INT and 5 passes defended
*Takeo Spikes also has 2 FF and 16 passes defended
Yeah, I agree with the poll, its "cowboy" for sure.
Justin Smith
it's EASILY between Tony Parrish and Justin Smith IMO but there are some good names on that list.
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Gragg was also a really good RT for us for a long time.
Tony Parrish was a GREAT pickup, but I think Smith has done the most for us overall (and he's not done yet). Honorable mention for Larry Allen and what he did for our ground game, but longevity is his downfall for this poll.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Justin Smith

I voted for Cowboy, but a couple of people mentioned Tony Parrish. I was curious as to why he would rank above someone like Spikes. Is it length of service, or outstanding play, or maybe a single dramatic play that I don't recall?

Not disagreeing with you, just curious as to the reasons behind the praise.
Originally posted by NJNiner:
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Justin Smith

I have to go with Nedney. Before him, our kickers were horrendous for years! Cortez, Pochman, Todd Peterson, Jeff Chandler, Gary Anderson, Wide Richey.... Didn't realize he's been playing for the 49ers for so long either, it's just a shame we've been trash for the whole of his tenure.

J. Smith has been a beast too though.

Justin Smith by far. Big LA was good for Gore's break out season. I'd also say bang-for-your buck-wise I also like Walt Harris
Spikes and Justin Smith
justin smith for sure, even though nedney won a lot of games for us
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Stone, parrish, Allen for me in that order. Justin smith wad a nice one too but with us not winning hard to say him
aww no Johnny Morton?
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