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I want to see more of Anthony Dixon

You guys are being wayyyy too creative in this thread. It's all about the Norris Gore backfield.
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I hope we see him in the backfield more, in the coming weaks!!!!
Couldnt agree more ....been saying this for weeks......and if we are gonna go with alex, his best chance for success is in shotgun...which hopefully means we will see more westbrook out of those formations...
Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
Originally posted by skynet907:
I want to see more of Dixon, Westbrook, and Zeigler.

this, this, and more this.
I just feel sorry for the kid his nice TD run got call back by another stupid play of Joe Staley. Its a good thing we scored a TD again after the stupid penalty but at the cost of VD almost getting injured.
Dix VD and Crabs. quite a line up we got.
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Dix VD and Crabs. quite a line up we got.

Too bad we don't have the coaches to utilize all those talents. To tell you guys the truth I am so jealous of Kansas City right now just look at what Charlie Weis had done to the Kansas city we have better talent on paper but Weis took one of the worst offense last year to a respectable level and just look at Matt Cassell.
it's too creative for us to use more than one RB
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We did run a play with dual backs in shotgun. Announcers on the replay on said it was Gore and Westbrook and it looked like it. O-line got blown up and busted the play, though.
Dixon brings a whole nother level of intense when on the field thats for sure. But after his TD was called back because of holding I saw like you guys that he missed a block. Lucky Smith still got it away to Davis for the TD.

But I can see why Sing wont put him in the game so much and with where Smith is at the moment having Dixon in there on more snaps might bring on Car sooner then most expected.

Dixon good with ball in hand but a whole different story with out the rock.

Some of the personnel decisions on offense don't seem to make a lot of sense. At the very least you'd think the 49ers would want to rest Frank Gore from time to time. When is Heitmann, the team's captain, going to be back?
You want to see some more of big dix? I bet you do.
I think after the Bye we will see a lot more creativity offensively
Originally posted by Kilgore_Trout:
Can we get a formation going with Crabtree, Ginn, Davis, Gore, Dixon and Westbrook? I want playmakers!

In a some kind of awesome wildcat, yes.
It seems like everytime Dixon touches the ball, he scores a touchdown! Why the hell isn't he in the game more often? And then Westbrook catches the ball one time and picks up like 20 yards. WTF is wrong with our coaching staff?
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