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A.Smith too many chances...T.Smith, no chances?

It looks like Smith got the short end of the stick. Maybe he is a Drew Brees type player with wheels? Remember, Brees is undersized and was considered a bust in the beggining of his career. Smith was ousted by Flacco due to a tonsil injury. Maybe we can give him a shot. Carr has already gotten his chance and fudged it up.

2007 season
As a graduating senior Smith entered professional football in the 2007 NFL Draft. Despite winning the Heisman Trophy, Smith saw his draft stock drop considerably after the 41-14 loss to Florida in the 2007 BCS National Championship Game. At 6'0", his height (considered smaller than ideal) was cited as a liability.[13] Smith was quoted by the media urging his hometown team, the Cleveland Browns, to select him in the NFL Draft. Fans also set up a website urging the Browns to take Smith. However, the Browns drafted Brady Quinn 22nd overall in the 2007 NFL Draft reducing the chances of Smith going to Cleveland.[14][15]

On Day 2, Smith was finally drafted at the end of the fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens. He signed a three-year contract with the Ravens on July 24, 2007.[16] On August 27, 2007 Drew Olson was released by the Baltimore Ravens elevating Smith to the third string quarterback position. Smith was named second-string quarterback for the Ravens on November 13, 2007, backing up new starter Kyle Boller after a shoulder injury to starter Steve McNair. Ravens head coach Brian Billick maintained that Smith could be used in the future. "That's going to be a fun challenge for Troy, because now he's been around enough," Billick said. "The focus and attention that he brings to [preparing] is heightened."[17]

Smith got his first regular season playing time in the fourth quarter of the home game against the Indianapolis Colts on December 9, 2007, completing three of five pass attempts and scrambling 6 yards for his first NFL touchdown in the 44-20 loss. After his relative success against the Colts, many Baltimore Ravens fans were calling for Smith to replace Kyle Boller as the Ravens' starting quarterback. On December 16, 2007 Smith came in for an injured Kyle Boller in the game against the Miami Dolphins. Smith led the Ravens down the field for a field goal which forced overtime. The Ravens lost 22-16 in overtime, after a missed 44 yard field goal. On December 20, 2007, Kyle Boller officially was considered the backup due to injury for the Week 16 game, giving Troy Smith his first professional start against the Seattle Seahawks. Against Seattle, Smith completed fewer than 50% of his passes and fumbled twice in the game as the Ravens lost 27-6, scoring their lone touchdown with about four minutes to play and the game out of reach.[18] In Week 17 the Ravens played the Steelers and Troy Smith started again. He went 16-of-27 for 171 yards and one touchdown, with no interceptions and no fumbles lost, and led the Ravens to their first win since October 14.

Smith finished his rookie season by totaling 506 total yards and three touchdowns in four games. He had 452 yards and two touchdowns passing and rushed for 54 yards and one touchdown.
[edit]2008 season

Smith was scheduled to start in the third preseason game of the 2008 season, but became ill with a rare case of tonsillitis.[19] Due to Smith's illness, rookie Joe Flacco was named to the Ravens' starting QB position. Early in the season Smith re-emerged in the offense as part of their two-quarterback offense, and was utilized for short-yardage runs. This offense featured Smith lining up at the wide receiver spot as well as under center. Smith appeared in only six of the Ravens' 19 games and had a total of 4 passing attempts in the 2008 season.[20]
[edit]2009 season

For the 2009 season, Flacco was named the starting quarterback for the second consecutive year, while Smith was active for only four of sixteen games. Smith completed five of nine passes for 24 yards with only one interception during the season. In addition, he also rushed eight times for thirty-one yards, including his career-long fifteen-yard touchdown run.[20]
[edit]2010 season

Smith re-signed with the Ravens for one-year worth $1.101 million. Smith received the low 5th round tender as a restricted free agent. However, no team was willing to part ways with the coveted pick so Smith was not traded. After signing Marc Bulger as the team's backup to Joe Flacco, the Ravens released Smith on September 4th.
Im posting on this thread even though Im too lasy to read your post...
I support a Troy Smith start since we know what we have in both Alex and Carr. However, knowing the niner brass they won't start him because he lacks knowledge of the playbook.

As a result, the David Carr experiment will begin shortly...
Niner fan for Troy.
I'm also curious about him too. Looking at all his stats, it seems like he played decent. We don't need a Payton Manning (Tho it wouldn't hurt lol), we just need someone who won't screw up.
Originally posted by kstolai:
Niner fan for Troy.

-1. +1 for Nate.
I would love for Troy to gets shot we ain't got s**t to lose
would Troy be the 1st black qb to start for the 49ers?
i would like to see david carr. i know he bombed in houston but he came into the league playing for an expansion team. they had to build the talent level up a little. alex came into a franchise. i like troy smith as well but i want to see carr first.
Originally posted by rawdel:
Im posting on this thread even though Im too lasy to read your post...

or re-read your own post apparently

i want him to get his shot, but i also want nate to get his, too. unless someone gets hurt, nate doesn't get get in
Originally posted by ads_2006:
would Troy be the 1st black qb to start for the 49ers?

the closest to a starting Black Qb we've had was Steve Young doing his shoulder dance for T.O.
Could he be worse then Alex Smith, or as I am starting to call him "Average Smith" because that is the best you get from him an average performance, I have seen enough of Average but, it is too late to make a real change this season, hell next year we draft first take Andrew Luck open up the competition for the back up roll, if Alex beats Troy I will be shocked, but hey thats football!
Originally posted by Afrikan:
Originally posted by ads_2006:
would Troy be the 1st black qb to start for the 49ers?

the closest to a starting Black Qb we've had was Steve Young doing his shoulder dance for T.O.

He didn't start, but there was a black QB who played during the strike for the Phony Niners. I think he ran the option. I don't recall his name. I think it was a Monday Night game against the Giants in NJ. I seem to recall Bill Walsh and Bill Parcells exchanging glances over that one.
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