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Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Glad Raye is gone but changing coordinator's during the season NEVER works out.

its will be ok if we hire someone with a similar system i bet johnson will get the duties of playclling
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QB Coach Mike Johnson takes over coordinator duties from Jimmy Raye, who had received a vote of confidence from Singletary Sunday.
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Originally posted by contrarios:
Is today April 1st? Is this true?
Originally posted by Apone:
I got to think this was done by Jed, not by Sing.

Definitely. Sing was definitely adamant about keeping Raye.

The convo probably went like this after the game and maybe this morning.;

Jed- After watching the tape what do u think the problem is.

Sing- Raye's putting them in great position to be successful, but the players are just f**kin up and not executing.

Jed- Oh thats the conclusion you come too. Well i'll say this, as of this morning you have one choice. Either you or Jimmy Raye

Sing- Well Raye and I really didnt see eye to eye on much anyway. We'll turn this thing around ASAP. :)

ps. on a side note tho, is it just me or does anyone notice, that we have been having leaks since week one. I've never seen a team where inside info is published faithfully on a weekly basis.
Originally posted by defenderDX:
f**k THAT OLD ASS SACK OF s**t!!!!!!!!!!!

LET'S BECOME A PASSING OFFENSIVE MINDED TEAM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need a passing minded OC not this 30 year old run the ball for no yardage and pass on predictable 3rd down BULLLs**tTTTTTTT

Agreed and Sing should have to say in the play calling. NONE!!!!!!
Originally posted by CMBieschke:
NFL Network has it scrolling on the bottom too.

Originally posted by susweel:
Sing is next

Right! Time to get an innovative, professional staff that can gameplan and compete with the likes of Todd Haley... maybe even Sean Payton!
Never liked the Jimmy Raye hire from day 1.

At least Nolan knew how to get an OC

Mike McCarthy
Norv Turner
Mike Martz

Raye just seemed like a clueless old buffoon. Glad he's gone. Addition by subtraction all the way.

That's right..."Smiles all around..."!!!

Wow. I just got morning wood.

I'm glad he's gone but at the same time this just shows the incompetence of this entire franchise....
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I just glad uncle fester is finally gone. And, that f**king hat, too.
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Wow. I just got morning wood.

Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Wow. I just got morning wood.

me too, wanna play swords?
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