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Paraag Marathe Thread

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Originally posted by mug0mug:
I hope this is a joke. He's awesome at his job, but has nothing to offer in any other football capacity.

Air raid....Pearl Harbor. This is no.......joke.

Thinking out of the box a bit, his lack of football experience may be an advantage as a GM.

He's proven that he is very astute with player contract negotiations and managing the salary cap. This can be parlayed into him playing the "honest broker" as a GM.

He can come across as an outsider with little vested interest or emotion about a particular footbal philosophy, and thus he can be seen by NFL "football men" and prospective FA and draftee player agents as the dispassionate guy whom they can deal with in a straightforward manner.

No personal agendas, just the business of football.

Now if he starts fancying himself as a talent evaluator, then we're in trouble, but if he proves that he can pick people who are good talent evaluators, he can be the traffic cop between the coaching staff and the scout department.

By being the "Mr. Spock" of GMs, he can ensure that we dont overpay for FA talent or underpay our own home grown players.

As long as the team's football evaluators (to include the Head Coach) come up with a consensus Draft Board and stick to it, he can keep his head above the trees and go about his work of getting them signed and into camp.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
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He's a business guy not a football guy.
No way!!

if S. Mc. steps down, what I hope, he won't, get Holmgren (if he is still available, didn't follow it recently).
Originally posted by mayo63:
He's a business guy not a football guy.

If we call it something else, like the Paraag Marathe GM Gondola, or the Paraag Pontoon, then I might be down.
Originally posted by Kolohe:

The Official Paraag Marathe Currywagon
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
The Official Paraag Marathe Currywagon

Originally posted by Winners:
I'm in. The guys a salary cap genius. The Cardinals are losing players left and right because of bad contracst. We have players locked in.

Paraag + Carr = championship!!!

What salary cap?
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Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
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