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The Official Brian Jennings Experience

I wish him nothing but the best. He never made the headlines, but he was one helluva 49er.
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I cant remember the last bad snap this guy has ever had. Dude was money every single time.

That's because he's never had a bad snap.

Ya over a decade of perfection and we are trading it in for a guy that people say "oh he's good, he just had a bad snap in the chargers game"
Will miss you Jennings! Most called me crazy this offseason when i predicted this, but like another poster said above, Its a tough buisness.
Wow, Jennings is a consummate professional and handled this extremely well. I felt really bad after hearing he got cut (simply because of how long he's been with the team), but reading his letter is almost tear-jerking! This has got to be a very difficult situation for him, and for him to have such a classy departure from the team speaks volumes about what kind of person he is.

Thanks for all of your years of service, Brian!
Sad to see Jennings go. Thanks for being a great 49er Brian!
Brian, thanks for being a true 49er. Sad to see him go but we are in the middle of a youth movement and will be saving for the future. We've been trying to replace him for a few years now but he beat out Nelson and Pontibrand. Leaves Andy Lee (04) as the longest active 49er.
Dang this one actually hurts.

Jennings you have been a hof 9er in my book, a spot we all knew we could count on without ever thinking twice.

Thanks man, keep rolling!............
retire his jersey
I'm sad about this, I always try and remember that it's the logo on the helmet not the name on the back of the jersey that I should care about but I really like Jennings. I really hope he can catch on elsewhere and finish his career on his own terms then comeback to help coach out ST or something. Also hoping this isn't purely a financial decision, the savings isn't that great which has me thinking Jennings just can't cover punts that well anymore and wasn't far enough ahead of the kid as a snapper to beat him out.

Best of luck to you Brian Jennings!!!!!!

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Argghhhh, dam kids.

Kids everywhere!!!!!
Going with rookie long-snapper Kevin McDermott over Brian Jennings saves the 49ers $535K on the salary cap.

tough business.

Jennings had a year left on this deal. If you can grab his replacement and you believe in the new guy, you do it.
Brian , sad to see you go, but it was just a game of numbers. Hope our new guy, McDermott has the same career for us that you did. thank you, my man.
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Good luck to you Brian Jennings, hope you find a job soon, still the best LS in the league...don't know if that's saying much.
Did they ever ask him to just take a pay cut? I would think he would rather cut his pay and stay with the only team he has played for, and has a great chance to go to a SB. After all he is making a million bucks a year to snap a football 10 times a game.
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