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Unload Crabtree now

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Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Um....We can't, nevermind, there is no point we will get another thread like this in a few days

Big Mar posts at least 2 a day....just give it a few hours.
this is getting pathetic...
Originally posted by ninertico:
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Originally posted by Nyner:
We need to unload Crabtree and move on. Just think what kind of hassles they are going have with him in the future. He's already a pain in the butt, give him 2 years and he going to want to re negotiate his contract for more money. No doubt he is going to be a perennial problem child. Let 's just move on.Funny how so many wide receivers are like that.....just my thoughts.

we cant, its pass the deadline to trade him, and we wont relinquish his rights.

AB, you are always so polite...

Thank you Tico, i try my best,

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Originally posted by DANADA:

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Oh Boy!, another Crabtree thread, just what we need!
Three times a charm...

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Originally posted by BobS:
Oh Boy!, another Crabtree thread, just what we need!

If these topics seem redundant to you, maybe you're spending way to much time in here......
If you spent at least 5 minutes here, you'd have seen the multiple locked Crabtree threads on this very situation. It isn't hard to find. Also, if you've tried to save space and post in the one big Crabtree thread, you would see the ability to trade his rights has passed. This does not deserve a new thread. Stop.
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Once again Crabtree cannot be traded.
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