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rickey jean francois eatin good

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hopefully he's workin out good too
Originally posted by PTulini:
Originally posted by tohara3:
Would be great if he could get in the mix at NT
No, I think Ricky-Jean Francois is a 3-4 DE.

correction: WAS a 3-4 de. hodefully hes a nose tackle now. we had like 5 3-4 des and no legit nts, so if he could make the transition and play a few snaps this year thatd bd awesome.
Yeah that's gotta be a mistake.

Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Yeah that's gotta be a mistake.


or they listed him heavier to make it look better for the position he plays.

teams do this all the time. height and weight. whichever way looks better, theyll cheat up or down.

Kevin Garnett is actually 7'1, but he likes to be viewed as PF, not a C, so he lists himself as 6'11.
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