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Which team do you want the 49ers to destroy this year? if you had to choose one.

Since there aren't any northeastern establishment darling teams on the list like the Giants, Jets, Patriots, or Redskins this year my decision comes down to the Bears or the Eagles. The Bears because with Cutler the expectations are going to be real high. The Eagles because they're from the NFC East. If I have to pick one I'll take the Bears at home. Singletary is going to want to win that one too.

Actually, wins over the Cardinals and Seahawks would be the best thing for the team.
Originally posted by Afrikan:
Fri 8/14 Broncos -- Nolan loosing in SF? It wouldn't be the first time. Almost a hobby of his if you ask me.
Sat 8/22 Raiders -- Home town rivalry. Nothing could be sweeter
Sat 8/29 @Cowboys -- The may be our greatest historic rival. F*** Tony Homo and his nonchalant attitude towards loosing.
Fri 9/4 @Chargers -- I'm in SD and will be at the game. Personally this would make my day more than any other win.
Regular Season
Sun 9/13 @Cardinals -- The Cards are THE division rivals. And the defending NFC champions. This could be the biggest win of the decade for us, and turn our franchise around if its a blowout.
Sun 9/20 Seahawks -- Can never overlook blowing out a division rival. The think they have the best LBs in the division? F that!
Sun 9/27 @Vikings -- More than anything in this world, I like to see Favre loose at the hands of the niners. This motherf***er has given me more bad memories throught the 90s than I can bare to recall.
Sun 10/4 Rams -- See Seahawks
Sun 10/11 Falcons -- It'd be nice, but nothing special. Its always good to beat a good team, and they are definitely that.
Sun 10/25 @Texans -- A win is a win, and this game would be nothing more than that. No sentimental value here.
Sun 11/1 @Colts -- Blowing out one of the best teams of the decade would, more than anything else, remind me of the days when Joe Montana picked America's team apart in the final minutes of the NFC Championship game, to establish the 1st great SF dynasty. Can't overlook a win like this.
Sun 11/8 Titans -- Beating a good team is always fun.
Thur 11/12 Bears -- Hated them ever since they took our 5th round pick. Almost cost us Morgan, did you guys know that? It would be beautiful to retaliate.
Sun 11/22 @Packers -- This may be the sweetest victory ever. Their HC started the niner OC departing habits (under Nolan at least), I don't even need to get into why I want Rogers to fail, and what they did to us through the 90s? Forget about it.
Sun 11/29 Jaguars -- A win is a win, that is all with this team.
Sun 12/6 @Seahawks -- See above
Mon 12/14 Cardinals -- If the season goes how we hope it goes, this will be a key game. Gotta take out the best division rival in December.
Sun 12/20 @Eagles -- We've gotten blown out by them so much over the years. It would be nice to turn the corner by switching our fortunes.
Sun 12/27 Lions -- anything short of a blowout would be embarrassing
Sun 1/3 @Rams -- see Lions above

too bad we don't play the NY Giants this friend is a DIE Hard Giants fan and I'm sick of his **** talking about our QBs.....I hate the Giants and their ugly gray pants.......but I will say thank you to little blue for help getting Nolan out of here last year.....

also wish the Cowboys game was in the regular for now, I'm looking forward to causing Philadelphia fans to start booing McNabb again.

the Cardinals games are a given....don't really care about the Raidas...maybe cause they haven't been that good (although I expect them to do well this year).......but there are not too many teams I really hate with a passion on our schedule this year.

no Giants, no Patriots, no Steelers, no Shanahan Broncos.

edit- oh! we do play the Cheeseheads....ok at them to the list.
Bears...I live in IL what more can I say....I hate Bears Fans

I hope Cutler throws 4 picks
Packers because i'll be there and that will make it that much sweeter! :)
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Arizona or green bay.
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The team we play in the playoffs.
Originally posted by montereyjack415:

true but ill take the two cardinals games because those are usually awesome games
a) Packers

Next choice would be

b) Cowboys


c) Broncos
Originally posted by 7square:
The team we face in the Super Bowl, of course!

It would give me unbridled joy in witnessing the destruction of whichever team we play in the Super Bowl.

ALL OF THEM But the Cardinals game 9/13 would be a nice start if you make me choose. Their are others though. The Bears cause we still owe them. The Eagles cause it will send a message.
The Cardinals on 9-13 would be the sirst step.
The Vikings, Packers & The Cardinals.

Vikings will probably have Favre and I just cant stand him. Someone needs to knock him senseless and force him in retirement because he obviously cant do it on his own.

Packers, I have just always hated this team.

Cardinals.Im going to the opener in Arizona and would love to see our Niners just dominate these guys and put their fans in their rightful place.
To go back east in the dead of winter and beat the Eagles in their stadium in front of a national audience would do wonders for the Niners' reputation. Same with the Packers - we go to Green Bay and beat them on a cold day and the media will start paying more attention to the Niners again.
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