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Crabtree Ready to Roll!

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Originally posted by BETTERDAYZ9ERS:
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crabtree the next Rashaun Woods. great in college but will be a bust in the pro's and please dont compare him to the great jerry rice, cause its a straight insult to our great legend. let me be the first to say this. but i never liked the pick crabtree sucks untill he can work his magic in the pro's like in his college days.


Horrible choice of words. I would suggest unproven, not sucks.

As for the Woods reference, there really is no comparing Woods' collegiate achievements to those of Crabtree. Crabtree led the nation in receiving 2 straight years while winning the Biletnikoff award. How can you say he'll will be a bust in the NFL, did you read that in your crystal ball.

How about letting him get on the field before you hang the bust label on him.

Yeah I wouldn't start posting like that. Hate or love the pick only time will tell. From what I have read this kid has a great attitude and passion for the game. From what I've seen him do in college this kid has tremendous upside. Remember Donahue drafted Rashaun Woods. I remember watching that draft and all I can say was

My lasting memory from that draft was Donahue trading down a couple of time, thinking he was smarter than all the other GMs. In the process he passed on Vince Wilfork.

I guess that is why Donahue is in the TV booth these days..

Yeah I couldn't understand why we kept moving down. I mean when they said Rashaun Woods, I said who? So this WR from OSU caught like 5 or 6 TD's in one game and his best year was his Sr. year and now we take him I believe it was around 27 or so. Maybe because we didn't run a 3-4 back then Donahue passed on Wilfork but either way it was close to the end for Terry.

i thought we were gonna get chris gamble in that draft. that draft was a total disaster. i thought we would be good at receiver because we took 2 in the first 3 rounds that year (hamilton in the 3rd) but woods almost never played, hamilton was a bum who faked sick but then played a celebrity basketball game or something. horrible. crabtree is in no way comparable to woods. woods was a guy who was the 7th receiver taken in that round. thats not a smart pick. crabtree was the consensus best receiver in the draft, i dont think anyone will argue against that. possibly the best offensive player in the draft as well. no one expected a damn thing out of woods. crabtree will be a beast, maybe not his first year but by year two he'll be a household name
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