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Willis best in the biz!

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Originally posted by reasonable1:
Higher INDIVIDUAL defensive production, you're right.

But where the overall progressions of those respect defenses rank...Lewis is hands down your #1.

One of the things I had to learn in being a coach was that talent truly comes second to knowing the game like the back of you hand.

Willis is getting there...Lewis has been there and still is there. Willis is physically the most gifted player in football...PERIOD...BUT he has a little ways to go before being the best...thats all. And that is ok...

Dude your making my point for me

So what if you stuck Lewis on the Lions D? or the Broncos D? there defenses would still suck, they would be better but still suck. Willis got drafted to a bad defense and broke an unofficial record for tackles in a season, but that was the past we need to concentrate on the present.

We are talking about the best individual not the best overall Defense.

You can know the ins and outs of every facet of the D your playing in and even know the exact play the offense is going to run but if you dont have the talent to run down the offensive player accross the field and make the tackle then your not that good. You as a coach should know that.

Willis is there and Lewis is not. And that is ok...

Just say it!

NFL fans around the league will know the name Patrick Willis for years to come!!!!


he's average
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