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Is Frank Gore overrated??

Is Frank Gore overrated??

Originally posted by Thizz415:

He is top 5.

Look at his production since starting and playing with average talent around him and accounting for a good chunk of the 49ers offense.
lets cut him now that we have Coffee

Just had to get that out of the way before some goober decided to make a thread about it.
Why keep bumping old threads..?

By niners fans yes he isnt a top 5 back maybe top 10
Nope, he's not overrated, but he's not the back he was when he ran for nearly 1700 yards. I'd expect about a 1000 yards rushing and maybe 350 receiving. Also keep in mind that Coffee is going to get some of his touches this season which will also take away from what he could achieve. Then again, he'll be a lot more healthy come January if we need him then.
Not quite sure what the stats are but i think since 2005 he is number two only behind LT for most yards from scrimmage. Is Gore falling off, Hell no, its just the team around him hasn't been that good. We got some quality at the skill positions now and Gore will be back to his old self.

So to answer your question, is Gore overrated..... i say Hell
Wasn't Gore a top 10 back last season? Running in an offense that did not feature him? We all know Gore has talent.
No, no he isn't. IMO, he doesn't get enough respect from most "experts".
From all reports, he's never looked better. Barring injury, i believe he's poised for a "stellar" season. Granted he had subpar years the last couple, but I think he'll surprise the doubters with a rebound this year. He just may be at his peak with all the extra conditioning and the strenuous camp, and again, aside from the injury bug, could have a few good ones left. Won't know until the real battles start.
Jesus Christ.

I don't know if Gore's overrated but Coach Sing is in love with the guy and is willing put the season on his back....for the teams sake...I hope he's right.
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Gore is probably 5-10, maybe 6 or 7.


Michael Turner
Brandon Jacobs
DeAngelo Williams

And then from there, it's a toss up.

Post-toe problems LT
Steven Jackson
Westbrook (always injured though)
Ronnie Brown
Kevin Smith

You missed Matt Forte, he's better than LT and Barber.

Also, Willy Parker and Chris Johnson before K Smith
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Originally posted by carl:
Q: Is Frank Gore overrated??

Well, is he healthy?

Because if he's healthy with Norris blocking for him between the tackles, he's pretty damn good.

And with Hill as QB with respectable receivers... I think Gore is going to be frightening... if he's healthy.

How about another way to rate running backs, "importance" to his team, rather than strictly his ability.

I would say he is in the top five, easily, in terms of importance to his team, but very average in terms of ability compared to other running backs. He is just too slow, basically, and too old in "running back years".

Even his most ardent fans, like me, are awfully disappointed when he breaks free but can't get very far, can't break it.

Yet, the 9ers are placing their hopes on Gore, counting on him moving the chains and enabling the play-action pass to keep defenses honest.

Is there a running back in the league with this much of a role? The fact that he is not exactly Superman really adds to his burden, his importance.
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