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NY Giants fans hate to OBJ?

They thinks that OBJ was getting the moneys after trade him away. They are not happy with OBJ?

just some... not at all a consensus
Who Cares?
Originally posted by KittleMeThis:
Who Cares?

F*** giants fans.
He's a punk.
LOL Giants.

"f**ken 49ers. We don't need to trade. No other teams knows about our sleeper QB we gonna pick."
I know Giant fans that hated OBJ Bc he's such a diva while OBJ was a Giant still lol
Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:

Giants could've had Rosen for a 2nd Rd pick. I think Rosen is much better than Daniel Jones. Gettlmen is a douche.

Daniel Jones at #6
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OBJ is a d******d. He has an ego the size of Jupiter and he was a massive headache on the sidelines and off the field.

Their new GM is a dumbass, but he knew he had to go.
Jesus, one of the their picks from the weekend is already involved in a shooting.
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Anything bad that happens to the Giants is a good thing.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Anything bad that happens to the Giants is a good thing.

Theyre in pretty bad shape.

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