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Saw the Niners once again will be interested in OBJ if he's made available in trade. Perhaps a Mullens+Garcon+2nd round pick gets the deal done? Wishful thinking...
Why do the Giants want to trade him? Florio is full of s**t

AB, I can understand since hes a locker room diva.
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Never know, OBJ has stated he loves California. If they trade OBJ, and let Eli walk, they will have money to work with, and adding Mullens+Garcon would give them a QB on the cheap, and a WR to pair with Shephard+Engram+Barkley, plus it allows them to use their 1st round pick on something other than QB. They can roll with Mullens in 2019 and see how he does. If he sucks and they suck, then they can draft a QB with their high pick, and let Mullens be the back up. If Mullens does well then they have a cheap QB for multiple years and they can build around him. Win-Win, doubt a deal happens though.
I've always wanted him,it would be a dream come true. As long as we don't lose this years 1st round pick.
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There is a thread for him in FA and trades.
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