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Larry FitzGerald Record

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Can we have a post on how stupid this record is? Most catches on one team. Who has even heard of that record before? Stats per game/season/career are legit, otherwise you're just making crap up.
Another thing, Post-season should count in terms of career numbers. It's a game played, wear and tear on the body.
It is what it is. I was shocked he had the record, then when I looked up his numbers, he does have an insane amount of catches, for not very far based on the number of catches :-) But still an insane number of catches. Great player and guy.
Agreed. Larry Fitzgerald is a great player and all-around guy. Jerry will take the other records and the three rings he still has. Either that or he's so competitive he's lobbying KS and JL for an opportunity to come back at 56 going on 57 next season just to get that record back and extend his other records.
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