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WR Dante "Do something...anything" Pettis

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Love this guy!
Originally posted by NorthBay49er:
Love this guy!

I have no opinion either way, though I trust Shanny knows what guys fit his offense.

But prepare for the hate if the draft thread is any indication. 49er fans wanting to fire Shanalynch over this pick.

???? a real head scratcher pick with so much talent still on the board, and to trade UP? It will be interesting to hear Kyle's reasoning for all of this
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Love this pick...we needed a bigger slot receiver and this guy was one of the best returners in college football to bat.
We already have Trent Taylor wtf?
We got our AJ Jenkins
The draft has been such a head scratcher...
Well, didn't see this one coming.
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love it!

Wasn't expecting that pick but i am excited for him in our offense
Hes an outside reciever.
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Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
We already have Trent Taylor wtf?
Trents best role is as a 3rd down specialist when this team needs 10 yards or less or a #4 WR. He was never going to break a long one and he was a liability inside the red zone.
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Trade details?
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