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Trade for Mark Ingram

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I don't about you guys, but I wouldn't mind giving up a 4th (to improve to 3rd def on performance) for the Saints' RB (Mark Ingram). .. I think his potential's still there, and w/ the OL that we have, he may just end up being as good as Frank Gore.

Afterall, Gore is pretty much done, and all our backups are basically unproven..
I'd rather trade for Marky Mark....
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can we just stop with the gore is done talk. its been three years since people have been saying that and it is beyond tiring plus its just not true. some people act like they WANT gore to be done
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Why in the Hell would we trade for a RB?
Nah..I'd pass. Average speed, quickness, power, vision. Doesn't catch the ball. Just plain average.
how about Mark Henry he could also play FB
Originally posted by saj4423:
how about Mark Henry he could also play FB

What about an Oh Henry......???
Hes not worth any picks and we already have Gore Lattimore Hunter
trade for Mark Sanchez
Trading for an Rb??? A 4th for Mark Ingram?!?!?!?!?

Unless 9moon is secretly Mark Ingram, this is craaaaaazy.

We're good at rb.
He goes invisible for long stretches.
You've got the wrong Alabama RB
Trent Richardson is who we really want.
Mark Cuban
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