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Tom Brady Down?

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They still have the Arkansas QB who has been a beast for them in preseason.

Didn't know going 9 of 18 for a 5.4 y/a is being a beast.

open the chefs thread

Yup cuz that is the same thing as 7 for 8 and 2 ypa. NET

LOL and just actually happens to be Tim Tebow's birthday today!!! -The Tebow works in mysterious wayz...
The Sequel?

Ironically, this is post 666 for me. What's going on around here?
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Tebow is the anti-Christ!
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looks like someone rolled over his leg...i think
If Brady is not there, the Patriots are just not going anywhere.
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If I was Bilichek (sp), I would set up a roped off perimeter around the pocket.
Remember Teebow is very familiar with the guy that drafted him in the first round who is now the OC of NE (Josh McDaniels).
If he goes down, that pretty much eliminates them from any contention in the AFC. The run of bad luck could continue..............

someone is gonna get cut for this screwup.
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Originally posted by 16to87:
someone is gonna get cut for this screwup.

there was no contact on the play. no one is getting cut because of this.
None can resist the power of Tebow!
he is getting old, just saying
Who cares. Niners beat them with Brady and the team isnt as good as they were last year. No way they make the super bowl with him. Lets worry about the niners and the nfc west.
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