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Cardinals | Kevin Kolb on the way out soon

Originally posted by fastforward:
Kolb is fragile (he only played in 15 games over the last two seasons - that's less than half of the number of games), and therefore too expensive for his price. There was no point for the Cardinals to suffer a $13.5 million cap hit in 2013. Cutting him saved them $7.5 million.

Fair point. They wanted him to restructure his deal or something and he refused.
Who the f**k is their QB now?
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Who the f**k is their QB now?

They got Stanton from the Colts, and may pick a QB in this draft. There is no guarantee, but it does look like the 49ers will have two divisional wins in the bag in 2013.
I thought it was silly for people to want to pay a ton of money to bring him here and replace Smith, and I find it equally silly for people to say he'd have no place as a backup. He has experience he's under 30 and if you look at his stats, they're about the same as when he was with Philly and so many on this board had a man crush on him. Again I've never been on his bandwagon but to say that it would be stupid to have him compete for the backup role is going too far the other way if you ask me.
Arians essentially said they're not drafting a QB in 1st round because they "don't need one." Huh? I call BS on that, probably a smokescreen. He also will petition NFL to wear a style of hat he fancies called a Kangol on gameday, instead of the league-issued ballcap. Congrats Tards you just hired Mike Nolan 2.0!
Originally posted by lazy:
one of the worst trades for both teams...maybe ever
Kolb sucked
DRC sucked
Don't know who the second round pick was but he probably sucked too.

God bless those two inept teams.

It couldn't have happened to a better pair of teams.
Oh let's bring in Kolb so we can get all the details of the AZ offense... crap, that's right, they didn't have one and they have a new coach anyways. Maybe if we wait long enough the Seahawks will pick up Kolb and he can dumb down their offense by association?
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