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*** WEEK 4 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/27 - 10/1 ***

Eagles gonna lose.
This is easy pickings for Eli, only a FG? I hate to lust all over him, but i would feel confident he could go down and get a TD the way they have moved the ball the second half.
DRC u dummy
Wow. Refs just handing the win to the Giants.
IDK about that one
we sure this isn't Ed Hochuli's crew out there?
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Eli is PIing his way down the field
That's gotta be offensive PI.
That has to be offensive
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This is what is so wrong with the NFL...refs deciding way too many games with their calls.

Horrible regular refs these are, Nnamdi got jobbed ont hat play
That was such a blatant Offensive PI.
This s**t is unreal.
Glad they pushed em back, but it was too little too late, ROdgers-Cromartie got facegrabbed on the first PI
LOL - ANOTHER coach calling TO before a missed FG.
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