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*** WEEK 4 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/27 - 10/1 ***

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Rich Eisen ‏@richeisen

There's already a sense of rhythm to this game that's been missing the past few weeks. Refreshing.

RIP Josh Cribbs
Man, Poor Cribbs, didnt deserve this
That looks bad, real bad. I hope he just got knocked out and nothing worse.

Walked off on his own power. What a relief.
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Cribbs just got smooth f**ked up. I hope he is ok...
he was knocked out so fast. I hope he's okay. Nasty hit. Seeing it live I knew he was out immediately
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Ok, slappy is just punch drunk, game on b***hes!

R.I.P. Cribbs

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Looks like Brandon Weeden just climbed out of Richard Geres ass chewing on a salt cube, f**king gerbil ginger satan worshiper.
horrible read & pick by flacco...
Lousy pick. Come on Flaccith
I hope the 49ers are watching....

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rip josh cribbs
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