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Andy Lee

Andy Lee is a beast!!!!
Andy Lee is one of the reasons we are 13-3
I don't understand why this annoys you, but try focusing on the fact that the 9ers are relevant again...... At least the conversations are positive and not negative, like they've been the last decade......
Only an ignorant fan would over look the monumental contributions Andy Lee has made to this team's success.

The entire roster deserves applause, but don't complain because people are discussing how good the punter is.

Field position is huge.
Anybody who doesn't realize how important field position is, isn't worth arguing with. Andy Lee is the ish! Therefore I will rep him as hard as I can. If you could buy his jersey, I would. He's just as responsible for the 13-3 season as Alex is. How many times have you seen a normal punt that the opposing team would get on their 40 but Andy booms that ish to their 20? If you don't think that's important than oh well.
I hope Andy Lee becomes the new Alex Smith, and threads about him go on for hundreds of pages and get locked because they get too heated.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Andy Lee is one of the reasons we are 13-3

Morstead had a pretty great season too, even though he only punted 46 times.

Lee punted 78 times. a 50.9 avg, 44.6 net, a touchback % of 11.5, and an in-the-20 average of 35.9

Morstead: 46, 48.3 avg, 44 net, tb% 8.7, in20% 28.3.

Lee is a beast, but Morstead might make him less of a factor, unless we can really contain Sproles and Ginn has a great game.
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With our ball control style and tough defense he and David Akers are just as important as Steve Young and Jerry Rice were to victories in the 90's (except 1994) when our defense wasn't top notch. If you put Klaus Wilmsmeyer and Mike Cofer on this team it would have won 8-10 games this year. We won 5 games decided by 7 points or less this year. Without our elite kickers we probably would have lost some of them or maybe all of them.

Got news for you, Andy Lee is damn good.
When we were winning in the 80's and 90's, I couldn't care enough about ST to even think about them. Every field goal was a failure in getting into the end zone. Every punt was consider WTF moment. But that was then. Andy Lee is a Pro Bowl punter. OK, so he can boom a punt. But if you take him within the context along with the defense -- he is a weapon.

He boom a punt inside the 5yds. Our defense can now be aggressive close to the offense's own goal-line. A few plays later we get a turnover. Offense takes over and it's a sure 3pts and a chance to get a TD.
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Andy Lee has gotten us out of some bad spots this season, we wouldnt be able to play the field position game without him, give the man a little love
I let Andy lee sodomize my giflfriend yesterday for a job well done this season
i think the ability to brag about your punter shows that you are an educated fan who appreciates the nuances of the game, and not some slobbering mouth breather who can only talk about sports in fantasy numbers.
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