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NFL Bets

Originally posted by BobS:
I bet 49ers would win more games than the Seahawks I gave him a 2 game handicap, $20 for each game won more than the other team. Used to make this bet in the glory days and give him 4-5 games and still win.

go go go ...49ers!
$20 that Giants have a better record than the Redskins

please keep this thread alive so I can add all my bets and remember them at end of the season
I made a bet with my friend who is a Saints fan when we were drunk. I actually have the envelope with the "contract" written out on it in my office desk drawer with $40 sealed inside. It reads:

Week to week we are going to bet to determine whether our respective teams will win or lose against the spread on In the end whoever has the best record of correct predictions for their teams regular season wins a total of $40.00. The loser has to have a picture taken in a bathtub full of potatoes with the winner's team jersey on.

We were pretty drunk.
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