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Who Stays Winless The Longest?

Who Stays Winless The Longest?

Tampa Bay has no clue. Raheem Morris is a joke as HC. I am more convinced than ever, that Gruden is a superior coach. To have kept this sorry bunch competitive last year, was a minor miracle by Gruden. Now they have a mediocre HC (Morris) to match the mediocrity of the front office. It must be sad to be a Tampa Bay fan. Great town, lousy football team.
The Bucs are probably going to have the longest opening losing streak, but the Chiefs are going to push them for the crown of awful. I watched the Rams yesterday, and they're not good, but they are probably going to win four or five games this season. As for the Bucs and the Chiefs, I don't know, I think they are going to go after the Lions' crown from last year.
I'm going with the Browns. Looking at their schedule, they have a shot at beating Buffalo for week 5. If they don't though, the only winnable game after that would be at the Lions which is during week 11.
Originally posted by ImaMod:
Easily the browns...They can't score...They just cant...
Theyre NET points is -66!
The Rams have -49 net Points and Bucs have -50 NET points.

And Browns D....They allow 412.7 (4th Worst in the league) yards a game so far 31.7 (2nd worst in the league) points a game so far..

Just a heads up:
We alllow 17.7 PPG..Tied 9th in the league with the Ravens and Falcons (). Also, we have the 4th best Run D in the league, allowing 66.7 yards a game, Dolphins are 3rd with 66.0 YPG.
keep it up D :)

I dont want to check our PYPG allowed because of yesterday.
I think we could easily be first or second in run D if we keep playing like we're playing. Its like 2.7, 2.3 a carry or something like that, right?
I voted the Browns.

Mangini just seems lost as a HC.

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