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Ideal pick vs backup options

Niners needs after free agency are pretty well defined heading into the draft. Based on the poll I posted and free agency so far, these are the Niners top needs:


Who would be your ideal pick at these positions of need and who would be your backups? I'll start:

Ideal OT pick: Blake Freeland 6'8" 305 lbs BYU - a McGlinchey clone in the run game with plus athletic ability based on his amazing combine workout
Backup option : Nick Saldiveri 6'6" 307 lbs Old Dominion - good technician and pass blocker who also has position versatility (like Brunskill)
Trade up: Felix Anudike-Uzomah
Stay put: Yaya Diaby
Day 3: BJ Thompson
Late day 3 / PUDFA: Durrell Johnson
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I'd replace DT with TE. I'll post mine in a few.
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Ideal, Matthew Bergeron, OT Syracuse
Backup, Warren McClendon, RT, Georgia, Wanya Morris

Ideal, Byron Young TENN or Nick Herbig Wisconsin
Backup, Isiah McGuire, Missouri or Thomas Incoom, Central Michigan

Ideal, Ji'Ayir Brown, Jordan Battle or Chris Smith
Backup, Daniel Scott, Ronnie Hickman or Jason Taylor II

Ideal: Brenton Strange
Backup: Brayden Willis or Ben Sims or Daniel Barker

DE/DT combo
Ideal; Karl Brooks
Backup: Nesta Jade Silvera

OG/OT combo
Ideal: McClendon Curtis, Braeden Daniels
Backup: Richard Gouraige

Ideal: Isreal Abanikanda
Backup: Kendre Miller, Emari Demercado, Deneric Prince

Ideal: Jonathan Mingo
Backup: Keylon Stokes, Jared Wayne

Ideal: Stetson Bennett
Backup: Clayton Tune, Holton Ahlers (gadget QB)

Ideal: Jerrod Clark
Backup: Cameron Young

Ideal: Mekhi Blackmon
Backup: RezJohn Wright

Ideal: Dee Winters
Backup: Marte Mapu

Ideal: Andre Szmyt
Backup: Christopher Dunn
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Ideal: J Brown, Sydney Brown, J Robonson.
Backup: Quindell Johnson

Ideal: Sam LaPorta.
Backup: Brenton Strange

Ideal: Joe Tippmann
Backup: Ricky Stromberg
I love this thread topic.

Ideal: Jartavius Martin
Backup: fire Lynch
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Originally posted by adrianlesnar:

Idea: Jartavius Martin
Backup: fire Lynch

Originally posted by adrianlesnar:

Idea: Jartavius Martin
Backup: fire Lynch

I like him and Sydney Brown quite a bit. Their whole secondary looks draftable
Ideal: Keanu Benton DT Wisconsin
Backup; Jarrod Clark DT Coastal Carolina.

Ideal: Daiyan Henley LB Washington St
Backup: Cam Jones, LB Indiana, Ivan Pace Jr. LB Cincinnati. Isaiah Land LB Florida A&M

Ideal: Olusegun Oluwatimi OL Michigan
Backup: Jarrett Patterson OL NotreDame or Jake Andrews OL Troy
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Ideal - Sam Laporta
Backup - Zach kuntz

Ideal - Blake Freeland
Backup - Ryan Hayes/Conner Galvin

Ideal - Jammie Robinson/ Ji'Ayir Brown/Ronnie Hickman
Backup - Daniel Scott/ Daveon Merriweather

Ideal - Karl Brooks
Backup - Yaya Diaby/ Isaiah Mcguire/Thomas Incoom

Ideal - Jakorian Bennett/ Riley Moss
Backup - Terrell Smith
I = Keanu Benton DT Wisconsin
B = Moro Ojomo DT Texas

I = Christopher Smith II S Georgia
B = Sydney Brown S Illinois

I = Matthew Bergeron OT Syracuse
B = Tyler Steen OT Alabama

I = Sam LaPorta TE Iowa
B = Brenton Strange TE Penn State

I = Will McDonald IV EDGE Iowa State
B = Zach Harrison EDGE Ohio State

I = Kyu Blu Kelly CB Stanford
B = Riley Moss CB Iowa

I = Joe Tippmann OC Wisconsin
B = Juice Scruggs OC Penn State

I = Rashee Rice WR SMU
B = Jonathan Mingo WR Ole Miss
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Originally posted by NCommand:
I love this thread topic.

Ideal: anyone but NC
Backup: NC

Just looking at EDGE, I'm thinking maybe two of these five guys will drop into the early 3rd. Probably would cost 99, 101, 155 and 164, so probably too high a price to pay.
  • BJ Ojulari
  • F Anudike-Uzomah
  • Will McDonald
  • Derick Hall
  • Isaiah Foskey
That leaves these four that I think are late 3rd round worthy. Maybe trade 99 and 155 to move up 10 spots.
  • Andre Carter
  • Zach Harrison
  • Byron Young
  • KJ Henry
I think Andre Carter has the most upside but may take a while to develop. Harrison has some question marks re his focus and motor. Young is fairly raw and Henry is probably the safest pick. I'd probably move up the 10 spots for Carter or wait at 99 for Henry.
Early thoughts...

Ideal: Daruis Rush. Love the speed, height, arm length. Uses it well to pinch WRs between himself and the boundary. Former WR, tracks the ball well and has good hands. Loads of special teams experience. Was great at the Senior Bowl. Was surprised by his quickness and shiftiness. The traits are there to be a CB2. Great zone corner prospect.

Backup: Garrett Williams. Really didn't want to have a player coming off injury on this list, but Garrett is an early second round talent in my opinion. I'm not sure he slides past 100, but if he does, I can't pass on him. Such good zone instincts, great in run support, great ball skills. Easily a starting caliber outside corner. Honorable mention to Keidron Smith and Luter.

Ideal: Zacch Pickens. Love his versatility and 3 down ability. Has great physical tools and great hands. A lot of quick wins on tape where he creates havoc in the pocket. Quick to shed off blocks in the run game and has the length and hand strength to bring down runners even when he is well blocked. Honorable mention to Keeanu Benton who might actually be a better fit for us as more of a run stuffer.

Backup: Nesta Jade Silvera. Former top 50 overall recruit. Just love his low center of gravity and how quickly he gets into blockers and pushes them back. Every rep at the senior bowl he is moving people backwards. Going to be a good run stopping tackle to rotate in on first and second down right away. Karl Brooks is another backup option.

Ideal: As much as I prefer a free safety for this team, Wilks plays more nickel than anyone. That position will be vital. I hope the team feels Oliver/Hartsfield/Womack is enough so we can address other needs. Otherwise, Jartavius Martin would be a nice fit. One of the better tackling DBs and plays with physicality. Works well in zones closer to the line of scrimmage but showed man capabilities on tight ends and slot WRs and has 4.4 speed to get downfield.

Backup: Jay Ward. Free safety type to backup Gipson. Great special teams player. Long arms, pretty good speed for the safety position. Really rangy on the back end. Former corner and has some nickel versatility. Great effort in run support. Has been a playmaker and leader for LSU.

Ideal: Grant Dubose. Something about this guy. Plays every rep lights out. Make you earn every tackle on him. Fantastic blocker. Uses his body so well to shield defenders and gets open on short routes in a hurry. I think hes going to be a QBs best friend with his size and catch radius. I could see him taking over the Jennings role in due time with upside for starting X WR.

Backup: Mingo and Michael Wilson. Love both of them. We'd have no shot at Wilson without the injury history. But he was so freaking good at the senior bowl. A little bit of faith here that Gray earns a bigger role as the speed guy.

Ideal: Bryon Young. I'd love to get some legit speed into this front. I like the Ferrel and Bryant signings, but still missing that Ebukham role. Byron looks like a safety coming in on stunts. Has quick speed and flexibility to change directions. Bendy ankles and hes got a strong motor. Should have some instant value as a designated pass rusher. Have seen comparisons to Arden Key, although he doesn't have that length. I've also seen some mocks with Derick Hall going in the 80s. In that case you go get him. Or Diaby/DJ-J later.

Backup: Dylan Horton and Tavius Robinson. Similar builds and classic 4-3 ends. Both are solid rotational ends in wide 9 scheme, with starter/3 down potential down the line. Great height, weight, speed. Both are high motor players. Honorable mention to Thomas Incoom.

Ideal: Asim Richards. Played tackle at UNC and led some great rushing attacks, but I think his better position is at guard where he looked very natural at the senior bowl. Fantastic run blocker with a mean streak on the field. Enjoys throwing people around. Just looks really solid on tape. Handles stunts and the blitz well. Moves to the second level with ease. Really solid, versatile lineman.

Backup: Emil Ekiyor. Good guard prospect (all SEC at RG), even better center prospect in my opinion. Not specifically targeting a center after the Feliciano signing, but Emil could be a fall candidate because of his lack of size and not afraid to go BPA. Good character guy. Father played DE in the NFL for a brief stint. Legs are like tree trunks.

Ideal: Besides Bergeron in a trade up, Tyler Steen is my target. Really athletic player. Quick hands and quick feet. Has the athleticism to play LT. Showed well against SEC talent. Not a mauler in the run game, but does his job, seals his man well and his footspeed to get to the next level. Smart guy. Looked really solid in 1 on 1s at the senior bowl. His best reps are as good as anybody's, just need coaching to get the best out of him.

Backup: Braeden Daniels. Love his versatility. Had more starts at guard in college and looked very good. Moves well in space and has the athleticism for a swing tackle. Concerned about the weight and lack of play strength, but that will improve in an NFL weight room and the 4 position versatility is too good to pass. Honorable mention to Wanya Morris who would be a nice fit at RT and might be more ready for it on day 1.
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