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Targets for the *next* round

Originally posted by eonblue:
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Accuracy and context is everything.

Technically Johnson only missed 4 games last year, but before that he hadn't missed a game since 2010. He had 597 receiving yards, but that was tops among all Bills WRs (2nd only to their TE, which isn't surprising when you have a rookie QB starting most of the games).

Completely agree. He's never had a legit QB and he had a rough year on multiple levels last year. I just don't want this to beginning of that points that all WR's hit. Yet again I wasn't trying to discourage the trade but why him over Mike Williams?

Sometimes people wear out their welcome or don't have great chemistry with the new coaching staff/QB (see DJax). Williams was coached by Doug Marrone at Syracuse in 2009, so I guess he figures he can get the best out of him. Johnson had no ties to Marrone and is paid pretty well, so they kill three birds with one stone (reduce the cap, get a big/familiar playmaker in MW and rid themselves of a guy who maybe hadn't bought in to the program in Johnson).
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I See Us Picking Up Phillip Gaines
With my UCLA guard gone, I say Bitonio, Thomas, Yankey, or Jackson..Rams d-line gonna feast!!
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So With The Stevie Johnson Trade, And Drafting Ward, What Becomes Our Top Priority?
Originally posted by HERN:
So With The Stevie Johnson Trade, And Drafting Ward, What Becomes Our Top Priority?

i say we trade up for Tuitt....
Originally posted by d49izme:
Not sure where he is projected, but I would like to see us make a move for Carlos Hyde, RB from Ohio State.

Our strong RB group could look real weak if Lat doesnt pan out and/or Gore goes down. We need some insurance there IMO

makes sense
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