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What player in the 2014 draft is most like Percy Harvin, Desean Jackson or Tavon Austin?

Just think! When Percy Harvin was traded to the Seahawks before last years draft the Niners were in trade talks with the Vikings for him.

During the same draft it was reported that the Niners wanted to trade up to around #16 to get Tavon Austin before the Rams traded up to #8 to get him.

And just recently the Niners were trying to get Desean Jackson to sign with them after he was released from the Eagles but the Redskins signed him 1st.

So in light of all those events I ask this question to see what player in the 2014 draft is most like 1, 2 or all 3 of these players as a returner, wide receiver and scatback.

Please use facts. Thank you!
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brandin cooks--he has speed and an ability to shift into a higher gear and pull away from defenders
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De'anthony Thomas and Dri Archer
I'm really hoping we draft Dri Archer. I think he can be a game changer as a return man and utility player on offense. Also can compete in the slot. He has that homerun threat that we desperately need and we can snag him in the mid rounds. I also really like Cooks, but we'll have to take him with our first and I think corner is a higher priority now. Of course if a bunch of dbs go and Cooks is still on the board, we should take the BPA and select Cooks.
I also like Beckham, Ellington, and Herron. They all have really good speed, but I don't see any of them with quite the same level of explosiveness as Harvin, Austin, and Jackson. And Paul Richardson looks like a slower Desean Jackson to me.
Like others have said, I'd say that Brandon Cooks mostly resembles your Percy Harvin/Desean Jackson type of field stretching and occasional end around type player and Dri Archer is very similar to Tavon Austin in his ability to be a receiver/running back and electric return man, plus he's faster than Austin. The only difference being that Austin put his stats up against some of the better teams in college football and Archer put his up against far more inferior MAC talent, so I'd say he has a much bigger leap to the NFL. The kid does have some impressive physical tools though.
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Dri Archer without a question.
if we could land a lightning quick slot receiver that can also return kicks ..I'll be one happy camper

For those advocating for you really believe a small guy like him would survive in the NFL, especially the NFC West? I'd opt for Ellington, Cooks or Herron who all pack 15-20 lbs more muscle on their short frames. Cooks at 4.33, Ellington at 4.45 and Herron at 4.48 are all quick enough to gain separation, but stout enough to take the pounding.
Without a doubt Brandin Cooks and most durable and most productive compared to Archer and Beckham
Ellington/Cooks - Harvin (short, but strong and very athletic - Ellington is as athletic as Cooks imo but just had a bad start in the 40 at the combine. He outran him after the first 10 yards and both did well on agility drills)
Archer - Austin (small, but unbelievably quick and fast)
Richardson - Jackson (fluid long striders with deep speed)
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